We now have the needed 38 states that have ratified the Equal Rights Amendment for it to become part of the U.S. Constitution.  Click here for detail status by state.   It would be good for the other 12 unratified states to still ratify it to show their support for women.

The following states have not ratified the ERA. You can click on the state name for more details about status, actions needed, list of articles about ERA in the state as well as contact information for state level ERA organizations, and contact information for your representatives in state legislatures.

Here is the list of ERA bills that have been started in the unratified states.

Here are the 2021 state legislative session dates.

You can find the status by state for all 50 states including the ratification date of the ERA as well as equal rights in the state constitutions.

Recently ratified states:

  • Nevada - March 2017
  • Illinois - May 2018
  • Virginia - Ratified 1/27/2020