ERA Status

The last time the Arizona Senate passed the ERA was in 1972, but it was not even called for a vote in the Arizona House of Representatives.

1/25/2019 - Bi-partisan ERA bill, SCR 1006, was introduced in the Senate  

2/1/2019 - Bi-partisan ERA bill, HCR 2030, was introduced in the House

2/22/2019 - Neither ERA bill passed in committee in time for cross-over

3/14/2019 - Rules change to allow vote of bill on the floor failed - plans to try again before session ends

4/16/2019 - House votes 31-29 to table/cancel vote on ERA

4/22/2019 - Session ended without either bill making it out of committee

2020 State Legislature Session Dates

January 13 through April 25

What You Can Do

1) Contact your state senates and representatives asking them to support vote of ERA bills on the floor

You can find the list of state legislature members along with their email, address and phone number here.

2) Contact your state U.S. Senators to co-sponsor the bill (S.J.Res. 6) to eliminate the deadline for the ERA or thank them if they already are

3) Contact your state U.S. Representative to co-sponsor the bill (H.J.Res. 79) to eliminate the deadline for the ERA or thank them if they already are

There are several other campaigns initiated by Democrats Abroad.   You can find the list and details here.

Arizona ERA Groups

These are organizations that have emails about state ERA activities.

Equal Means Equal

ERA Task Force AZ

AZ National Organization of Women (NOW)

Articles about ERA in Arizona

Click here for a list of current articles about ERA.

DA ERA project coordinator

MacKenzie Horn in the UK is our Arizona state ERA coordinator.   If you are interested in helping or have questions, you can contact her at