November 21, 2022

Gimme five

Gimme five to keep democracy alive! 

Before you groan at the prospect of another fundraising pitch (I got zillions of emails over the past couple of months, too), please bear with me for a minute. One lesson we learned from the midterms is that slim margins will decide many key races. Therefore, we have to turn out every possible vote. That takes wide outreach, and outreach costs money.

Hence, gimme five. If DA Spain can raise $500 a month from sustaining donors, we will have roughly $10,000 by the 2024 election. We can use that money in the following ways:

  • About half of the money would go to outreach, including online advertising and in-person gatherings. Online advertising before the 2020 and 2022 elections prompted many new members to join DA and vote from abroad. And in-person events could help us get a foothold in places where we know there are many US citizens, such as Málaga, Granada, and Cádiz, but we don’t currently have organized chapters or precincts.
  • Depending on how organizing goes, we would earmark about $1,500 for resources for our chapters, precincts, and caucuses. Each group should have a kit with materials for tabling: a banner, flag, stickers, posters, and signs to distribute.  
  • The balance of the money, about $3,500, can be used in a number of ways. We could give small grants for innovative projects in Spain. We can use it as seed money for other fundraisers, where there are printing costs or deposits involved. And – in my eyes, this is the most exciting prospect – we can solicit ideas for GOTV projects from all of you! 

So how do we achieve this goal? We need 100 people who are willing to give $5 (or more) per month, and we’re already off to a big head start. I'm proud to report that members of the DA Spain Executive Committee and members who attended the last EC meeting have pledged a total of $220 per month already. So we only need $280 more in monthly pledges to hit our target. This is doable, with your help.

People complain that there’s very little besides voting that we can do individually to affect elections and that Republicans seem to be better long-term planners than we are. Here’s your chance to prove them wrong. Click here to become a sustaining member today! And gimme five to keep democracy alive!