Democrats Abroad Spain is a part of the larger community of Democrats living abroad. There are nearly 200,000 members scattered across the globe, with over 45 country committees and members just about everywhere.  Our country committee, Democrats Abroad Spain is currently the sixth largest with close to 6,000 members. 

At Democrats Abroad Spain, our main goal is to find Americans who are resident here and help them register to vote, or in most cases simply request an absentee ballot.  We are particularly engaged in even numbered years to elect Democratic candidates to Congress and the Presidency.  In odd numbered years if you live in a state or locality where there is special election, or where there are seats in state legislatures that we need to win, our Get Out The Vote team will reach out to you with a quick phone call, email or text with a reminder to vote.

Absentee ballots from Americans living abroad can often swing close elections and we want to help you cast those votes!

Our mobilization efforts pay off. Through our phonebanking reminders to our own members and an aggressive international social media campaign Democrats Abroad helped encourage many new voters to request an absentee ballot.  These votes helped boost the overseas vote to record levels.  In 2020 absentee ballots from overseas provided the winning margins for the popular vote in Arizona and Georgia.  Winning the popular vote in those two states meant that the electoral college went to President Biden.  The old 'my vote doesn't count' excuse just doesn't hold water in these very polarized times. 

Beyond getting out the vote every two years, we have a lot in common.  We try to have regular events filled with information, conversation, laughter and fun. Those of us in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Alicante and Seville chapters meet to discuss issues ranging from climate change to immigration. We are endeavoring to make similar opportunities available in other parts of Spain through smaller informal meet ups.

In years when there is a presidential primary Democrats Abroad holds our Global Presidential Primary.  Our members vote as if they were voting in their home state for the Democratic nominee for President, but instead vote under the umbrella of Democrats Abroad. All of our chapters offer in-person voting in the GPP.  It is the only time overseas voters cast an in person ballot. Of course it is also possible to vote electronically in the GPP.  Democrats Abroad sends 16 delegates to the Democratic National Convention, where our International Chair casts our ballots for the nominees our members voted for.  

Check out our various caucuses.  These dynamic special interest groups include the Women's Caucus, the Global Hispanic Caucus, the LGBTQ+ Caucus, the Global Black Caucus, the Youth Caucus, the Veterans and Military Families Caucus, the Environment & Climate Crisis Council, the Global Senior Caucus and the Global Progressive Caucus.  The caucuses are all global and we even some have local caucuses here in Spain.  All of these groups hold online events that address topical issues, often with important policy makers.  Joining a caucus gets you on their mailing list so you can participate in events of interest. Everyone is welcome to join any caucus. 

A recent innovation at Democrats Abroad are our State Teams. Many of us try to keep up to date with what's going on in our home state. To help our voters stay abreast we have started teams for all the swing states and states where we have a large membership.  These state groups can help with important races by reminding fellow voters from the state about special elections, provide candidate profiles, explain ballot referendum, etc. This communication is primarily by email but can be in the form of an online event and sometimes with the opportunity to meet the candidates online. 

Democrats Abroad Spain is entirely a volunteer organization.  We rely on the enthusiasm and talents of our membership. As we move into the election cycle we need your energy to help us get out the vote.  Don’t be shy, we can help you turn your frustration with what’s happening in the U.S. into something positive as you convince other Americans to take the steps to get their absentee ballot. Our most important tool is a person to person reminder to request an absentee ballot on our automated Phonebanking system.

Thanks for being part of Democrats Abroad Spain in whatever form it takes.  In the end what we’re all about is helping you to exercise your right to vote.

To stay on top of all the news, follow Democrats Abroad Spain on social media.


If you have questions email us at [email protected].

Interested in volunteering? Simply complete the Volunteer Interest Form and let us know how you'd like help.


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Kathryn Tullos

Chair, DA Spain, DPCA Voting Rep
Lisa Berger

DA Spain-Barcelona Vice Chair and DPCA Voting Rep
Carlos Colao

Vice-Chair, DA Spain, DPCA Voting Rep, Chair - Global Hispanic Caucus
Mark Morris

Secretary, DA Spain
Christina Samson

Treasurer, DA Spain
Andrew Anderson

DA Global Veterans and Military Families Caucus Secretary
Becky Newman

Counsel, DA Spain
Katharine Giery

DPCA Voting Rep