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Democrats Abroad is a community of Americans living abroad, united by our support of the progressive ideals that make up the foundation of the Democratic Party and our love of getting expats registered to vote. As Democrats Abroad Spain, our main goal is to find Americans who are residents in Spain and to help them register to vote in order to elect Democratic candidates to Congress and the Presidency of the United States.  Absentee ballots from Americans living abroad can often swing close elections and we want to help you cast those votes!

Beyond just getting out the vote every two years, we have a lot in common and have a lot of events filled with debate, laughter and often a bit of vino. Those of us in the Barcelona and Madrid chapters bring our families and friends as we meet regularly to share insights and concerns about issues ranging from climate change to race relations. (And we'd love to hold events in other parts of Spain too!) We gather to watch Democratic debates (and soon to cheer on our Democratic candidate in the general presidential debates), and then have some of our own. And we keep you up-to-date on matters of particular interest to Americans like us residing outside of the U.S., including taxes and citizenship.

We would love to have members in other parts of Spain organize small teams to help anyone living abroad to register to vote and then to get out the vote in the upcoming election, while working to build a long-term Democrat community. We are an important voting bloc that deserves a strong voice stateside!

All members receive email updates on events and issues of interest to Democrats around the world as well news of projects and activities in Spain, and members of the Madrid and Barcelona chapters are kept in the loop for activities taking place locally.

Just by joining Democrats Abroad, you are helping us achieve our goal, but, if you want to do more, volunteer to share your talents, enthusiasm and expertise by helping to:

  • Attend events (and bring your friends!)
  • Organize events
  • Organize fundraisers
  • Plan debate-watch parties and thoughtful policy talks
  • Get your friends living abroad to register to vote and then to vote by mail
  • Spread the word on social media and phone banking
  • Anything else you can think of!

We are a 100 percent volunteer organization and we need your help! Fun is fundamental as we go about the task of getting as many Americans in Spain to make their voices heard in the American elections. If you're not a member yet, now is the time to join!

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Jim Mercereau

Chair, Democrats Abroad Spain



DA Spain Leadership:

Jim Mercereau
| Chair, DA Spain
Anuradha Ghemawat
| Vice-Chair, DA Spain
Tim Lawler
| Secretary, DA Spain
Adrian Heredia
| Treasurer, DA Spain
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  • News

    2018 Annual General Meeting Valencia June 16th 2018

    Democrats Abroad Spain’s Annual General Meeting will be held Saturday June 16th in Valencia, 9 AM to 2PM with a special local lunch on-site to follow. The meeting this year is hosted by our newest chapter, Democrats Abroad Valencia.

    This announcement will serve as the second notice for the meeting and the proposed by-law changes. An online ballot is included for all those unable to attend.

    The meeting will be held at: Playground Art Center; carrer de la Historiador Diago, 3 46007 Valencia

    Democrats Abroad Spain will have the honor of hosting the Chair of Democrats Abroad, Julia Bryan. She will provide an update on the relationship with the new DNC.   Julia will share DA's plans for driving home the overseas vote in the mid-term elections.

    We'll kick off with US Taxes 101 with a basic overview of the process and the added hassles that we encounter in keeping Uncle Sam happy. We will focus on what DA is doing to reduce this burden and a few easy steps that you could take that would help this effort.

    The theme of the meeting will be Activism. Nicole Pearson will share her program Black Women and Activism: Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Round. We will build on this theme to include a discussion of the surge of Activism across the US in the past 18 months.

    We will have a wide ranging discussion on how we can all take practical steps here in Spain to our Get Out The Vote.

    There will be time for questions and discussion on the various topics presented.

    The meeting costs will be limited to lunch and the coffee breaks and is set at 20€. It includes the special Valencian feast. Any donations to offset the costs of the meeting site would be appreciated. We will have a grand assortment of buttons, T-shirts and other cool stuff available for sale.

    We will have a short business meeting for reports and to vote on the update to the By-laws

    By Laws Click here to view the by-laws

    The big change to the bylaws is the addition of a new position called Voting Representative. DA Voting Representatives (VR) would represent DAS at all international meetings, in addition to the chair and vice chair. The Excom recommended that VRs would become members of the DAS executive committee, so they are up to speed with the activities and concerns of DAS. The email of May 15 provided more insight into the changes.

    At next year’s AGM we will vote for all positions of DAS leadership. We will elect our first Voting Representatives if the changes are approved.

    One Form for Everything

    Please vote here and register for the meeting if you plan to attend. Housing info request can also be found on the form.

    The DA Valencia team is looking for home stays. They have located a beach house that accommodates 10 which would bring the room cost to 30€/ night. Please note on the Ballot/ AGM Registration form if you want info on a homestay or the beach house accommodation.

    Saturday evening is Orgull LGTB – Valencia Gay Pride 2018 starting at 19.30. DA will be represented and you are welcome to pick up your favorite sign and join in the excitement.

    Thank you and we look forward to seeing many of you in Valencia. Mixing politics and fun!

    Jim Mercereau, chair

    Democrats Abroad Spain

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    Democrats Abroad Spain Election Results for the 2017-2018 Term

    The results of the election for the officers of Democrats Abroad Spain for the 2017-2018 term which was held during the Annual General Meeting in Barcelona on April 22 are as follows:

    Chair: Jim Mercereau

    Vice Chair: Anuradha Ghemawat

    Secretary: Tim Lawler

    Treasurer: Adrian Heredia

    Counsel: Gil Carbajal

    Thank you to all of the candidates who ran, especially those who stood for office for the first time! Thank you also to all of our members who took part in the election whether in person, by proxy ballot or by sending in an absentee ballot. It is the participation of all of us that brings life to Democrats Abroad Spain and to the party as a whole.

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