DA-Spain July 2021 Newsletter

Message from DA Spain Chair and Vice-Chair 

Happy July, friends! It’s summertime, and according to the Gershwins, the livin’ is easy. We’re taking this sentiment to heart here at DA Spain and not filling the schedule with activities and Zoom calls. But we do want to share a few items with you this month.

Even as the calendar remains blissfully empty, lots of work is going on behind the scenes. As always, our focus is on electing Democrats at all levels of government. To that end, the Executive Committee has been working on long-term planning to prepare for next year’s midterm elections. The emphasis this fall will most likely be on increasing membership, registering voters, and recruiting volunteers for the work ahead.

Similarly, DA Spain has a number of national-level committees with work underway. You see it, for example, in the newsletter you’re reading now. The Communications Committee has been hard at it. Likewise, the Bylaws Committee has been working on revising our governing rules to update and strengthen our infrastructure. This latter initiative is being helped along by our new intern, Ryan Eijkholt, a US College student from Texas studying in Spain. So the pot bubbles, even if the stove may look cold.

But as this newsletter demonstrates, the real work - and the real fun - of DA is in the activities where people gather to work and play together. The chapters, the caucuses, and the individuals who are highlighted below show us the myriad ways in which participating in DA Spain benefits us all. So enjoy the summer, bask in the sun and in companionship, and keep an eye out as we gear up again in September.

– Daniel James (chair) and Kathy Tullos (vice-chair)




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DA-Spain June 2021 Newsletter


Message from DA Spain Chair and Vice-Chair 

According to the old song, June is bustin’ out all over, and DA Spain is just as busy.

For starters, several of your Executive Committee members attended the virtual Global DA meeting last month. We voted on changes to the organization’s bylaws and considered several resolutions. But the highlight of the meeting was the election of new DA Global officers, and we’re happy to report that the organizational leadership is experienced and already getting started on preparations for the midterm elections next year. As a bonus, the new Global Chair, Candice Kerestan of Germany, met with the DA Spain Executive Committee just a few days ago to talk about her plans and to solicit feedback on potential projects.

The other current big push in DA Spain is the staffing of our new teams. In May, the Executive Committee authorized the creation of five teams: Strategic Communications, Get Out the Vote, Finance, Bylaws Revision, and Member Onboarding and Training. You’ll hear more from these bodies as they begin their work, but all of them will play essential roles in helping organize and grow DA Spain. And each team is welcoming new members, so lots of opportunities are available if you’d like to get more involved.

Our focus on these two occurrences is in no way intended to downplay the other great work being done in DA Spain. Chapters continue to offer high quality programs, the Women’s Caucus is growing in membership and is hosting interesting events, we’re celebrating Pride Month…. You get the idea. Please take a few minutes to read through the newsletter and find out if there are opportunities you’d like to take advantage of.  And let us know if you have questions or comments.

Democratically yours,

Daniel James, Chair, DA Spain
Kathy Tullos, Vice-Chair, DA Spain



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DA-Spain May 2021 Newsletter


Message from DA Spain Chair and Vice-Chair 

And you thought New Kids on the Block was a boy band

Greetings from your new DA Spain Chair and Vice-Chair! Although we are both relatively new to DA, we are both very happy to be involved in this great organization and committed to making the most of our time in office.

Here’s a bit of background. Daniel worked in public service for 34 years and worked in The US House of Representatives and USDA. Kathy is a retired lawyer and law professor who splits her time between Central Texas and southeastern Spain (specifically, Torrevieja, near Alicante). She’s also a murder mystery aficionado, wife, mom, and relatively recent grandmother. 

Although we are very different people, we share a single, overriding goal for DA Spain: to elect Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections. We both believe that Biden’s victory in 2020 can lead to complacency on the part of Democratic voters. In the meantime, Republican voter suppression measures in several states will make it more difficult to elect Democrats to support and enhance Biden’s agenda. 

Our team is rounded out by our recently elected secretary, Katharine Giery who hails from San Sebastian and Christina Samson of Madrid who is assuming the role of treasurer that she previously held in her home chapter. 

Next week we will be joined by our newly elected Voting Reps Jo-Angela Touza Medina of Vigo, Laura Rostowfske and Chris Reilly of Barcelona and Jim Mercereau of Madrid as we attend the virtual Global Annual Meeting in the Asian time zone. Meeting start time is 3AM our time. We will be voting for the new leadership of Democrats Abroad Global and a series of Resolutions and By-Law changes. We will be drinking a lot of coffee.

So thank you for entrusting these offices to us. We’re hoping to make you proud in the coming months. And please contact us if you have ideas or feedback! Our inboxes are always open. 

Daniel James: [email protected]
Kathy Tullos: [email protected]



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DA Women's Caucus Lands in Spain

DA Spain Women's Caucus says Hola!

Twenty people attended the preliminary organizational meeting of the Democrats Abroad Spain Women’s Caucus on March 18. 

The meeting opened with participants’ introductions and a presentation by Ann Hesse, Chair of the DA Global Women’s Caucus (GWC). Ann provided a quick history of the GWC and laid out its three pillars: Education; Community Building; and Activism, particularly in the form of get-out-the-vote efforts. Approximately 10,000 women currently belong to the GWC. Over 300 of those members live in Spain.

Next up, moderator Andrea Host-Barth led the discussion, turning the focus to goals and organizational steps for a DA Spain Women’s Caucus. The Caucus intends to focus initially on providing education on environmental issues, and building community with small, local events. Members were encouraged to support the call-to-action initiatives already available on the GWC website. 

The Caucus hopes to play two other roles as well. First, the Caucus can interact with the GWC, helping members in Spain and members of the worldwide group to share ideas and coordinate activities. Second, the DA Spain Women’s Caucus can serve as a template for creating Women’s Caucuses in other countries. 

DA Spain’s Women’s Caucus is moving forward in its organizational process. The Caucus welcomes people of all genders as leaders, members, and volunteers. 

Not already a caucus member? Simply join the GWC caucus and you automatically are a Spain member. To get involved, fill out the Volunteer Information Form

Interested in starting your country women’s caucus? Send email to [email protected]

Voting for new DA Spain excom now underway

Democrats Abroad Spain (DAS) is holding Executive Committee (excom) elections for the 2021-2023 term and we need your vote! 

Our organization depends on the participation of the members as we renew our group for the continuing struggle for a better USA and a better world through democratic political engagement. Please help select the new Democrats Abroad Spain leadership committee of Chairperson, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Counsel, and 4 Voting Representatives.

This will be the first time we will organize our DAS chapter elections purely online. Ballot emails (actually an email with a link to an online voting site) were sent out on March 5, 2021. If you think that you did not receive this email, please follow the instructions below.


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International Women's Day

International Women's Day is a celebrated on March 8th around the world.  It is a special day on the calendar for much of Europe and in countries around the world, but is often unfamiliar to many Americans.  

A huge milestone was achieved for American Women on Inauguration Day when the first woman was sworn is as Vice-President of the United States.    

We will have an online celebration to toast Kamala in her new role.  America will finally have not one, but two women in highest positions of power in the United States.


Democrats Abroad Spain Leadership Elections March 20th Seeking Candidates

Dear DA Spain Members:

We won! Biden and Harris are in the White House and the Georgia election was a success—thanks in no small part to your votes and efforts.

Now it’s time to continue with Democrats Abroad Spain’s own election, to be held March 20th, 2021. The past four years have shown what we as a group are capable of doing when we all contribute and work together as a team, under enthusiastic and dedicated leadership.

Democrats Abroad is a 100% volunteer-run organization, and we need you to help keep the gears turning for the next two years as we build up to a crucial midterm election – which Democrats cannot afford to lose – in 2022.

We encourage you to consider running for office; it’s a great way to get involved in democracy, meet new people and, most importantly, contribute to the Biden-Harris administration’s success by building support among Americans in Spain.

Any DA Spain member can run for office! Multiple positions must be filled in this election.

The deadline for submission of your candidacy is midnight March 3rd EST.

Please click here to complete the candidacy application.  

Democrats Abroad welcomes diversity.  The Chair and Vice Chair must be of opposite genders.

The Voting Reps delegation is also required to be gender balanced.  

You are welcome to place your name in nomination for either chair or vice chair to help us achieve our diversity objectives. 


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Ballot Return by Courier

Thanks to the footwork of a Democrats Abroad Belgium member in the European Capitol we now have access to a special offer from FedEx for US voters.

You will need to open an account with a local credit card.

This is a 100% online procedure, like a purchase on Amazon.  Calling FedEX negates the online new account special price. 

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Ballot Return Envelopes for use in Correos or Diplomatic Pouch

Since 20 states still require ballots to be returned by mail, we are helping out by providing election mailing envelopes for use in Correos with postage, or the Diplomatic Pouch to U.S. Mail. 

Hundreds of postage-prepaid ballot return envelopes have been strategically placed around Barcelona and environs, so if you want to use one, swing by:

  • Benjamin Franklin International School, c/ Martorell i Peña, 9, Sant Gervasi (ask for Martha Correa)
  • American School of Barcelona, Carrer Jaume Balmes, 7, Esplugues de Llobregat (ask for Bronwyn)
  • Bakinge Bakery, c/ Ramis, 20 (Plaça John Lennon) Gràcia
  • Hibernian English Bookstore, c/ Montseny 17, Grácia
  • Taste of America, c/ Balmes, 322 or c/ Aragon, 231
  • Eroica Caffé, c/ Consell de Cent 350
  • Come In Book Store, c/ Balmes 129 bis (esquina Roselló)


Envelopes have been strategically placed around the Comunidad de Madrid:

The Roll Madrid Restaurant c/ Amaniel, 23.  28015

The Toast Café Malasaña c/ San Vicente Ferrer, 33.   28004

The Toast Café Chamberi  c/ de Fernando El Católico, 50.  28015

The Cookie Lab. c/ del Serrano, 23     28015

The Cookie Lab Malasaña  c/del Pez 16.    28004

Taste of America Serrano c/ del Serrano, 149      28015
Taste of America Chamberi Pso de San Francisco de Sales, 3     28003
Taste of America Rastro c/ del Casino, 26     28005
Taste of America Chueca c/ San Marcos, 20      28004

Taste of America Alcobendas Av. Olimpica, 22    28100
Taste of America Pozuelo Av. de Europa, 23      28224
Taste of America Majadahonda Av. de España, 20.   28220


2020 Ballot Return Strategies

The moment we've all been waiting for!  

Ballots are starting to arrive in our email mailboxes from counties across the America.  

Time Saver: After review of this section find your state in the boxes below and follow the instructions for ballot return. 

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