The DA Spain leaders are:

13 directory listings

Kathryn Tullos

Chair, DA Spain, DPCA Voting Rep
Elizabeth Berger

DA Spain-Barcelona Vice Chair and DPCA Voting Rep
Carlos Colao

Vice-Chair, DA Spain, DPCA Voting Rep, Chair - Global Hispanic Caucus
Mark Morris

Secretary, DA Spain
Christina Samson

Treasurer, DA Spain
Andrew Anderson

DA Global Veterans and Military Families Caucus Secretary
Becky Newman

Counsel, DA Spain
John Murphy

Co-Chair, DA Spain LGBTQ+ Caucus
Ann Graul

DPCA Voting Rep, Wisconsinites Abroad Leader
Doris Stanger

Chair, DA Spain Women's Caucus
Gil Carbajal

DPCA Voting Rep
Katharine Giery

DPCA Voting Rep
Hal Moskowitz

Co-Chair, DA Spain LGBTQ+ Caucus
Committee leaders are either elected or appointed. Elections are held in odd numbered years in accordance with the DPCA Charter.