Fired up !



We hope you’ve had, and are still enjoying, a wonderful summer. We Dems from your Strasbourg board have had an exciting time as 6 of us participated in the Democratic convention in Philadelphia. (You can see some of our pictures on our FB page.)

We had a great time, and needless to say are feeling fired up for the work that lays ahead of us to elect Hillary as our next president.

As you can imagine you will be hearing from us a little more frequently in the coming weeks as we head into our major campaign to GET OUT THE VOTE. We will be using every means possible to contact as many voters as we can and be sure they are registered to vote, have requested an absentee ballot and sent it ! And you know what, we’re also going to be counting on you too to help us out.

Our committee member Becky recently shared a great article by Michel Moore which you can find here :

 He encourages each and every one of us to be active in this endeavor and I am inviting you to feel the weight of this shared responsibility this election cycle which is like no other, but also the enthusiasm.

I plan on telling my kids and grand kids that I am proud to say I did my part in electing the first black president  of the United States who will certainly be remembered as one of the best ever,  but not only that, we also proudly elected the first woman president: Her name is Hillary Clinton.


So Come On,  

We’re Going To Do This Everyone,



So don’t be surprised if we are in your email more often, you’ll also hopefully get a phone call and be seeing us at some location in the city or at an event or in the press. And if you want to volunteer locally or nationally just let us know and we will explain how you can do that.


Here is the link if you need to get the ball moving for your ballot !


Happy end of the summer to all,

 On behalf of the Strasbourg board of Democrats Abroad

Viv Beller





Strasbourg Global Primary

Saturday, March 5, 2016, 1-6pm

@ Maison des Associations

1a, Place des Orphelins



DA Strasbourg Intro

photo by francois schnell

Welcome to Democrats Abroad Strasbourg!

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Viv Beller, Chapter Chair
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