June 06, 2023

DA Valencia visits local police headquarters

Thursday, May 4th, Democrats Abroad Valencia hosted a visit to La Policia Local Valencia.

After being greeted by the chief of police our host, Toni Berlanga, presented information concerning policing in Spain, from the National police to our local officers.  He told us about the use of police mediation and how the use of mediation by police began here in Valencia. Our local police host world-wide visitors interested in implementing mediation in their cities. During the presentation we were also greeted by the Vice Mayor for police and firefighters.

After the presentation Toni took us through the situation room where we were able to track the work of every police officer on duty at that time. We then walked the beautiful campus, visited the Police Museum and enjoyed refreshments in the chill out area. We all left our visit to La Policia Local Valencia with yet one more reason to be happy for choosing to live in Valencia.

Because the information shared with us was so useful we thought we’d post the powerpoint here for all to see.