Bienvenido Democrats Abroad - Valencia!

Welcome to DA-Valencia (DAV), the official arm of the Democratic Party for American Democrats living in the Valencian Region of Spain.

MISSION: To provide relevant information about candidates and issues that affect democratic leaning expats. Chapter activities and community involvement are designed to meet new people of like mind in fun-filled social, political and community activities that show a positive image of the US and ourselves as US expats living in Valencia.

Together with DA country committees around the globe, we're making specific issues faced by overseas Americans known on Capitol Hill and joining important activism events with friends and family in the US and in Spain. With technology and social media, there are many ways for us to make our voices heard, even an ocean away.

VOTING: US Citizens living abroad need to register to vote EVERY YEAR. We can assist with your voter registration and in securing and filing your ballot(s).  If you will be eligible to vote on Election Day in November 2020, complete your registration and ballot request.

Voter Reg/Ballot Request

JOIN THE FUN: Members are notified of all the activities of the Valencian chapter and are kept informed about local and national US issues as well as those that ExPats face while living in Spain. To join this dynamic group, simply Click Here.  We will contact you after receiving your information.

We rely on volunteers to ensure members and friends are informed about local and national US issues as well as those that ExPats face while living in Spain.

Watch this space for upcoming announcements of meetings and events. We have events planned throughout the year and encourage anyone interested in participating and helping with Democrats Abroad Valencia to let us know of your interest.

Please share your questions, ideas, and enthusiasm with us!

We look forward to meeting you very soon!


For more information email us at:
To contact DA Valencia just click here

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DA Valencia Leadership:

Richard Mehrer
| Acting Chair Spain-Valencia Chapter and VMF Caucus Steering Committee
Georgie Grossman
| Acting Vice Chair Spain-Valencia Chapter, Volunteer Membership
Phillip Brown
| Acting Treasurer, DA Valencia
Lauren Baker
| Acting Secretary Spain-Valencia Chapter
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    Passion, commitment, conviction and challenge in the eye of the storm

    Today I am as proud of my USA birthplace and the “…republic for which it stands…” that the founders of the Republic envisioned and created as I have been for a very long time and have a new appreciation for the democratic ideals we enjoy - so far.

    To really understand what is at stake in 2020 I strongly encourage you to listen carefully to the last 14+ minutes of Adam Schiff’s 2:20 hour address to the opening of the impeachment trial. 

    Why - because it is a reminder and a challenge to congress of course BUT also to me and you and there is no way I can say it as clearly as Congressman Schiff does. 

    This new pride does not erase my personal responsibility for the apathy and lack of attention that I have paid in the past to the threats that have been developing over the past several decades. In a very real way, I am responsible too.

    Riding the wave of prosperity, opportunity, education, travel, and abundance I lured myself into accepting the notion that since all was great for me, it must be for all great for others as well.  I did not accept that anything could go wrong - then 2016 . . . . .

    I did not look. I did not see. I intentionally blinded myself to the reality that slowly but surely the wheels were falling off the wagon. I was wowed by the intellect and governing of people like Obama and a congress that seemed to be keeping everything in check and balance.

    I said, "there is nothing for me to do." Sure I bitched and moaned about this tax or that, the steadily increasing gap in income equality, deterioration of education, forever wars that did not involve me in any way.

    Does this sound familiar - no, I mean really - does this ring any bells for you? “We” must now recommit ourselves to fight for who we are due to the democratic freedom we enjoy.

    Now - I / we must act to safeguard the constitution and restore confidence in our government that is so severely eroded.  

    Act now - please, we cannot again be part of the 30% of eligible voters who did not vote due to our apathy. 

    It is not guaranteed.
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    Upcoming Events

    Saturday, February 29, 2020 at 05:00 PM
    Les Roques, in Valencia, Spain


    Tuesday, March 03, 2020 at 12:00 PM · 2 rsvps
    Les Roques Restaurant Bar in Valencia, Spain


    On Super Tuesday, Democrats Abroad Valencia invites you to vote for the Democratic presidential candidate of your choice at Les Roques Restaurant Bar

    You are eligible to vote in the Global Presidential Primary just by being a member of Democrats Abroad and choosing to vote for the Democratic presidential candidate through Democrats Abroad instead of your home state..

    (However, you can still vote for all other candidate preferences and local officials in your home state primary—just leave the slot for the presidential candidate blank.)

    If you've yet to join Democrats Abroad or register for your absentee ballot, go to to do both.

    Democrats Abroad sends delegates to the Democratic National Convention who vote for candidates in proportion to the results of our Global Presidential Primary. Thousands of overseas Americans will participate in the DA Global Presidential Primary, but millions will vote in your home state...making your vote that much more powerful! Your participation will send a signal to the Democratic Party that Americans abroad are alive and well and have specific concerns.