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America is a great country.  She needs us to see that she remains that way.

  • published Valencia Chapter Provides Voter Support in News 2020-09-02 15:39:45 -0400

    Valencia Chapter Provides Voter Support

    Between now and November 3rd DA Valencia Excom members and volunteers will be available to help ALL American voters practice their right to vote. Should you have questions about registering, requesting your ballot or returning your ballot we are here to help.

    We will provide in-person opportunities for support. 

    Check locations and times below.

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  • published You CAN Make a Difference in News 2020-07-12 04:18:12 -0400

    You CAN Make a Difference

    Tired of what’s happening in Washington?

    Ready for a leader in the White House again?

    You CAN make a difference in Washington from right here in Valencia.

    Here are two opportunities for DA Valencia members


                                    1. Member Support and Get Out The Vote

                                      Every week in September DA Valencia will provide voting support for all expat Americans.

                                      Volunteer 1 day or all 7 and help Americans register and request their ballots.

                                      Membership coordinator, Graham Tyner, will be training volunteers. 

                                      Contact him at


                                    2. Phone Banking

                                        Use the DA data base and a conversation outline to help DA Spain contact all of its members

                                       - urge them to vote and provide help with the voting process.

                                         DA Spain will train phone bankers via online instruction.

                                         Send us a message and we will see that Madrid contacts you.

                                         Contact us at


    Whether it’s in person or online YOU can make a difference!

    Join us as we Get Out The Vote



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  • published What's YOUR Issue in News 2020-07-11 08:04:32 -0400

    What's YOUR Issue

    What’s your passion?

    The environment, LGBTQ, veterans’ affairs, minority rights, animal rights…There are so many issues to be addressed these days and not enough time to learn everything there is to know. We’d like you to share your cause with our membership. 

    • Tell us about the issue that has caught your heart.
    • What’s being done to make things better?
    • Where can we learn more? Provide a link.
    • What can we do to help? Provide a call to action, something small or something big.
    • If you’d like, provide a contact for people who want to join you in your efforts.

    Send your message to  We’ll post it on our website and link it to our Facebook page.  Let us help you make a difference.

    We look forward to hearing about all of the ways our fellow Democrats living abroad are making the world a better place.


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    With UPV closed the American Space is unable to host this summer's July 4th picnic.  Instead, DA Valencia is offering a July 4th Social Gathering at Tommy Mel's in the Aqua Mall @ 2pm on July 4th.  Come enjoy a burger and share the holiday with other Americans.

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I am a retired educator living in Valencia, Spain. I want my voice to be heard in the US.