March 02, 2024

Friends & Family Can Help

Do you realize how powerful we voters abroad are?  In 2020 votes from abroad made the difference in three swing states.  Democrats Abroad  want to get the word out to all Americans Abroad that they have the RIGHT to vote from abroad.  Doing this costs money. Although Democrats Abroad is a volunteer organization we still depend on donation for things like posters, online ads, and hosting Voter Support events. 

Let your friends and family know that they can help too.  We've provided a template from which you can create your own letter.  Reach out and let people know that they can support democratic votes.  Because we are a volunteer community 100% of the donations Democrats Abroad receives goes directly to supporting votes from abroad.

Here's the letter and a link.

Dear _____________,


I’ve become an active member of Democrats Abroad, the all-volunteer arm of the Democratic National Committee that represents the millions of Democrats living overseas. An amazing statistic is that only about 8% of Americans living overseas vote in US elections, partly because they don’t know how to obtain and submit their absentee ballots. Yet in 2020, the overseas vote provided the margin of victory for President Biden in Georgia, Arizona and Wisconsin! (Note: votes from overseas Americans count in the last state they lived in before leaving the country, including many from swing states.).


With US democracy at stake this fall, we’re undertaking a major effort to reach the thousands of Democrats living in Spain through digital advertising, phone banking and other activities. With more and more races being decided by just a few thousand votes, we NEED to grow the overseas vote ahead of 2024. If we increase this number, we can swing elections for democratic candidates. I would really appreciate any donation that you’re able to make toward this worthwhile cause! 100% of the money donated will go toward our get-out-the-vote campaign.


Here is the donation link:


Muchas gracias!!

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