With UPV closed the American Space is unable to host this summer's July 4th picnic.  Instead, DA Valencia is offering a July 4th Social Gathering at Tommy Mel's in the Aqua Mall @ 2pm on July 4th.  Come enjoy a burger and share the holiday with other Americans.




September Member Support

Each week through out the month of September DA Valencia will provide Member Support for voter registration and request of your ballot.  If you have questions, or know someone who does, check the events page of the website for more information. (Specific dates will be posted at the end of August.)




Join us September 12th for a day of fun in the sun.  Mark your calendars now.   

We will send you a pin and the time the first of September.



Ballot Drop Off Party

If you’re like us, you miss the comradery of going to the polls on election day. 

Join us as we offer member support to print ballots, address envelopes and get those votes back to your election precincts.

October 15th                       13:00-20:00

Porto del Mar area            We’ll drop a pin the first of October



Election Day 2020

Join us as we watch election returns   

November 3                         22:00-04:00

We’ll drop a pin in October