Two States Ready Dem Candidates For November


The future of Delaware and Massachusetts is looking pretty darn bright. Candidates running for election or reelection this fall include those who are proven legislative warriors, champions of progressive values, and visionaries with bold ideas for reforming our country.

Mass. voters faced minor glitches here and there, while voters from the First State continued to show confidence in their senior U.S. senator by keepinghis unbeaten streak intact, having never lost an election since his first campaign in 1976.

The names you see below in bold font are proudly endorsed by the Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus. They deserve your support in November.


Jay Gonzalez  (challenger to incumbent GOP Gov. Charlie “Servant to Anyone but the Public” Baker)

U.S. Senate
Elizabeth Warren  (INCUMBENT) ←This seat must be defended at all costs

U.S. House of Representatives
MA-1:  Richard Neal  (INCUMBENT)
MA-2:  Jim McGovern  (INCUMBENT)
MA-3:  Lori Trahan  (challenger to open seat)
MA-4:  Joe Kennedy  (INCUMBENT)
MA-5:  Katherine Clark  (INCUMBENT)
MA-6:  Seth Moulton  (INCUMBENT)
MA-7:  Ayanna Presley  (challenger to open seat)
MA-8:  Stephen Lynch  (INCUMBENT)
MA-9:  Bill Keating  (INCUMBENT)


Colleen Davis  (challenger to incumbent GOP Treas. Ken Simpler)

Attorney General
Kathleen Jennings  (challenger to open seat)

U.S. Senator
Tom Carper  (INCUMBENT) ←This seat must be defended at all costs

U.S. House of Representatives
DE  (At-Large): Lisa Blunt Rochester  (INCUMBENT)

Delaware House of Representatives
DE-22:  Guillermina González  (challenger to open seat)


For MA and DE voters living overseas, even though you may have just voted in your state’s primary, please ensure that you will also be getting a ballot mailed to you for November – this is the critical next step in taking back our country.