Spotlight On Voters’ Picks In Sunshine State, Grand Canyon State

To recap last week’s election results, some spectacular candidates have emerged from the primaries. For instance, Debbie Mucarsel-Powell is a top-notch candidate ready to topple a GOP incumbent in Florida. And then we have proven champions for the working class and the Latino community running for reelection such as Congressman Grijalva in Arizona. Republicans from the White House to the Capitol Building to the campaign trail are scrambling to clean up their messes. We absolutely need to pounce on these opportunities by first ensuring that all of us have requested our ballots for the General Election.

If you are an Arizonan or Floridian abroad who is unsure of who to vote for after receiving your ballot for November, see the candidates’ names below in bold fontof who the Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus lends our endorsement.


David Garcia  (challenger to incumbent GOP Gov. Doug Ducey)

Secretary of State
Katie Hobbs  (challenger to open seat)

Attorney General
January Contreras  (challenger to incumbent GOP Atty. Gen. Mark Brnovich)

Mark Manoil  (challenger to open seat)

U.S. Senate
Kyrsten Sinema  (challenger to open seat) ←This would be a major Democratic victory

U.S. House of Representatives
AZ-1:  Tom O’Halleran  (INCUMBENT)
AZ-2:  Ann Kirkpatrick  (challenger to open seat)
AZ-3:  Raúl Grijalva  (INCUMBENT; member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus)
AZ-4:  David Brill  (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Paul Gosar)
AZ-5:  Joan Greene  (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Andy Biggs)
AZ-6:  Anita Malik  (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Dave Schweikert)
AZ-7:  Ruben Gallego  (INCUMBENT; member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus)
AZ-8:  Hiral Tiperneni  (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Debbie Lesko) ←This would be a major Democratic victory
AZ-9:  Greg Stanton  (challenger to open seat)


Andrew Gillum  (challenger to open seat) ←This would be a major Democratic victory

Attorney General
Sean Shaw (challenger to open seat)

Agriculture Commissioner
Nicole Fried  (challenger to open seat)

U.S. Senate
Bill Nelson  (INCUMBENT) ←This seat must be defended at all costs

U.S. House of Representatives
FL-1:  Jennifer Zimmerman  (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Matt “I’m friends with perfectly polite guests” Gaetz)
FL-2:  Bob Rackleff  (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Neal Dunn)
FL-3:  Yvonne Hays Hinson  (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Ted Yoho)
FL-4:  Ges Selmont  (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. John Rutherford)
FL-5:  Al Lawson  (INCUMBENT)
FL-6:  Nancy Soderberg  (challenger to open seat)
FL-7:  Stephanie Murphy  (INCUMBENT)
FL-8:  Sanjay Patel  (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Bill Posey)
FL-9:  Darren Soto  (INCUMBENT; member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus)
FL-10:  Val Demings  (INCUMBENT)
FL-11:  Dana Cottrell  (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Daniel Webster)
FL-12:  Chris Hunter  (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Gus Bilirakis)
FL-13:  Charlie Crist  (INCUMBENT)
FL-14:  Kathy Castor  (INCUMBENT)

FL-15:  Kristen Carlson  (challenger to open seat)
FL-16:  David Shapiro  (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Vern “The GOP Tax Scam Sure Helped Me” Buchanan)
FL-17:  To Be Determined
FL-18:  Lauren Baer  (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Brian Mast)
FL-19:  David Holden  (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Francis Rooney)
FL-20:  Alcee Hastings  (INCUMBENT)
FL-21:  Lois Frankel  (INCUMBENT)
FL-22:  Ted Deutch  (INCUMBENT)
FL-23:  Debbie Wasserman Schultz  (INCUMBENT)
FL-24:  Frederica Wilson  (INCUMBENT)
FL-25:  Mary Barzee Flores  (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Mario Díaz-Balart) ←This would be a major Democratic victory
FL-26:  Debbie Mucarsel-Powell  (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Carlos Curbelo) ←This would be a major Democratic victory
FL-27:  Donna Shalala  (challenger to open seat)


As Democrats, as Latinos, and as allies of Hispanic-Americans, we are unapologetically in the business of taking back Congress, taking back state legislatures, and taking back every office from the local school board to the governor. But it all starts with requesting your ballot for November. If you need any assistance in this process, please do not hesitate to contact us. And if you know of any American abroad who speaks only Spanish, please remind them they can also vote, and we can assist those persons as well in requesting their ballot. …Onwards!