Invitation to Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary

Invitation to Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary

Fellow Democrats Abroad - Israel:

In just a week, the first of the U.S. presidential primaries, the Iowa Caucus, will take place.  The formal process to select the Democratic Party nominee for president to challenge Donald Trump will finally get started.

We know that the world - and many of us living in Israel - will be watching the primary process to see who will face Donald Trump in the US presidential election.  That's why Democrats Abroad is doing something to ensure that we overseas Americans don't have to be passive observers but can express our preferences for the candidate who will be tasked to lead our party to victory in November.

That is why Democrats Abroad has organized the GLOBAL PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY.

Just like all 50 states and the US territories, such as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, Democrats Abroad will have their own delegation, with 21 delegates, at the Democratic National Convention taking place this summer in Milwaukee.  AND YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO DETERMINE TO WHICH CANDIDATE(S) OUR DEMOCRATS ABROAD DELEGATES ARE PLEDGED ON THE FIRST ROUND OF VOTING!

The Global Presidential Primary takes place in three formats:  MAIL-IN, ONLINE and IN-PERSON voting.  Each format has its own rules and schedule.

   1.  MAIL-IN voting refers to a printed ballot which the voters complete and mail on their own to the Global Vote Center in Europe.  Requests for Mail-in voting begins as of January 26, 2020, and is available only to those who are already members of Democrats Abroad.  See information below.

   2.  ONLINE/REMOTE voting refers to online voting where the voters sign in to the Democrats Abroad website ( and access the special ballot page to cast their ballot.  This ballot goes live on the Democrats Abroad website on February 18, 2020, and will remain up thru March 10, 2020.  More information about online voting will be forthcoming.

   3.  IN-PERSON voting refers to the two polling places that will be set up in Israel (and many more around the world) during the week of March 3rd-10th, 2020. In Israel, we will have in-person voting in Tel Aviv on Tuesday, March 3rd, 12 noon to 5 pm and in Jerusalem on Friday, March 6th, 10 am to 2 pm.  Any American living in Israel can join Democrats Abroad on the spot and be eligible to vote (with appropriate identification). More information about in-person voting will be forthcoming.

MAIL-IN VOTING:  For those who are uncomfortable with online/remote voting and who cannot arrive in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem on the specific voting dates for in-person voting, there is the option of MAIL-IN Voting using a printed ballot.  There are two ways to receive the print ballot:

A.  Voters may send individual requests by regular or electronic mail to DA Israel Legal Chair LEE-ANN SANDLER asking for a ballot to be mailed to them. The request must be sent (dated if by email/postmarked if by regular mail) no earlier than January 26, 2020, and received no later than February 29, 2020. Printed ballots will be mailed to the voters starting February 18th and will continue to be mailed to the end of the request period February 29th.  After February 29th, no more print ballots will be mailed out to voters but will be available for downloading and printing on the Democrats Abroad website until March 10th.

B.  Starting on February 18th through March 10th, members of Democrats Abroad may access the website and once signed in, may download and print out the mail-in ballot. 

Once completed, mail-in voters will need to return the ballot to the Global Center (address will be noted on the ballot) by March 10, 2020. 


When writing for mail-in ballots, each voter needs to provide the following information:

i.  NAME (First and last according to the information that was provided when you joined Democrats Abroad as a member)

ii.  MAILING ADDRESS IN ISRAEL (home address, not post office box)

iii.  ISRAELI TELEPHONE NUMBER (landline and mobile)


NOTE:  While more than one request may be placed in the same envelope, EVERY INDIVIDUAL VOTER MUST COMPLETE HIS/HER OWN REQUEST FOR BALLOT.  More than one completed ballot may be mailed together to the Global Center. Ballots need to be received at the Global Center by March 10, 2020. 

Please address your
requests for mail-in ballots to:

Democrats Abroad-Israel

c/o LeeAnn Sandler

P.O. Box 4640

Caesaria, 38900 Israel


Or send your email request for mail-in ballot with the four necessary pieces of information listed above to:  [email protected]


Please RETURN your mail-in ballots NO LATER THAN MARCH 10, 2020 (received) to:

Democrats Abroad-Israel

c/o LeeAnn Sandler

P.O. Box 4640

Caesaria, 38900 Israel


Whether you prefer mail-in, online or in-person voting, I hope you will take the time to cast your ballot to ensure our party's nominee reflects the needs and values of all Americans - those living in the United States and those, like ourselves, who live abroad.


Democratically yours,

Heather A. Stone

Democrats Abroad - Israel