April 03, 2019

The Progressive Caucus is up and running!

ProDA is the “youngest” Democrats Abroad caucus. Its doors are wide open for Democrats of all ages!

Who We Are

The Progressive Caucus of Democrats Abroad works proactively to transform the United States into a society rooted in economic fairness, as well as social, racial, and environmental justice, particularly for the most vulnerable among us. We seek increased inclusion, fairness, accountability, and transparency in our domestic political processes. We support international cooperation, mutual respect, and peaceful methods of conflict resolution.

We Believe in

  • Medicare for all, debt-free college, and a livable minimum wage;

  • a Green New Deal to create new jobs while fighting climate change;

  • ending mass incarceration and police brutality;

  • common-sense gun safety legislation;

  • humane immigration practices and honoring the right to asylum;

  • fundamental campaign finance reform to ensure all politicians are beholden to their constituents, not lobbyists, corporations, and the wealthiest 1%;

  • increased inclusion, fairness, accountability and transparency in the Democratic Party;

  • international cooperation, mutual respect, and peaceful methods of conflict resolution;

  • continued introspection and transformation as progressive ideals evolve.

Our Principles and Methods

Politics of inclusion: We stand on the bedrock of compassion and empathy, unequivocally committed to the belief that whatever affects any one of us, affects all of us. This commitment moves us to honor our human commonality in the pursuit of justice to end suffering and oppression. Wherever we confront it, we must supplant the power dynamics of exploitation, injustice, manipulation, and oppression with systems of shared power distribution, enabling and empowering the disenfranchised. We strive for community healing and community-driven decision making. To achieve these goals, we nurture cooperation, demand mutual and shared accountability, and condemn the cycle of abuse, perpetuated by toxic power structures.

Progressive realism: Our work takes place at the intersection of ambitious ideals and the circumstances of reality. We reject the notion that progressive change is unrealistic. It is entirely plausible when we demand attention to the complete range of possibilities that transcend the status quo. At times compromise is necessary, however we will not be compromised in the process.

Dedication to Democrats Abroad: We are dedicated to the work of Democrats Abroad and, where feasible, eager to lead it. Like our other caucuses, we unite behind critical issues which define--and marginalize--specific identity groups. These issues often are not captured by traditional identity politics. We seek to ally our progressive goals with those of all democrats, reaching out to the wider community in support of the issues we promote. In this way we strive to recruit for Democrats Abroad among independents and others who share our perspective.

Our uniting principle: It is our uniting principle and challenge to strive unerringly for progressive change and greater unity globally, respecting the value of our differences in our shared struggle.

Like and follow us on Facebook: @prodacaucus

Join ProDA: https://www.democratsabroad.org/pc

Look for a ProDA Austria launch event in our DA social media very soon!

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Submitted by Bruce Murray (ProDA founding member)