June 30, 2022

June 2022 Global Black Caucus Newsletter

Message from the Chair

Global Black Caucus Statement on Roe v WadeDear Brothers, Sisters, and Allies, 

Our statement regarding the supreme court’s decision overturning Roe vs. Wade: 


The Global Black Caucus is heartbroken and devastated by the Supreme Court’s majority decision to overturn nearly 50 years of Roe v. Wade precedent. We are even more steadfast in our mission to enfranchise even more Americans living abroad to take their frustrations, anger, and sadness to the polls this November. 

The ruling disavows an essential human right … freedom over our bodies for millions of Americans. The consequences will be devastating for Black and Brown women and as indicated in the majority ruling paths the way for an attack on intersectional Americans on every level, from who they love, how they love, and how they family.

If you are as fired up as I am, tell your family, tell your friends, tell everyone to vote them out this November. We need to hold onto the House and gain more seats in the Senators to ensure our country progresses for all of us.

We did it in 2020 and we can do it in 2022. Our freedoms are on the ballot. Our safety is on the ballot. Our lives are on the ballot.

This is you. This is me. This is all of us.

Love and Light

Leedonal (Jazz) Moore

Chair, Global Black Caucus

Global Black Caucus Steering Committee:

James Lockett (GBC Vice-Chair), Starla Goggins (Secretary), Laura Allen (Secretary - Deputy), Adrianne George (DNC-BC-Rep), Traci Möller (Press/Media Relations), Cedric Armand (Press/Media Relations - Deputy ), Michelle O’Brien (Legal Counsil), Andrew Morgan (Legal Council - Deputy), Adrienne Johnson( Advisory Liaison), Antar Keith (Reparations), Malaika Kusumi (Communications), Evelyn Riera (Engagement / Communications-Deputy), Joy Notoma (Engagement - Deputy), Kenton Barnes (Network), Rene Rousseau (Network - Deputy)

Race To The Ballot Box

Race to the Ballot Box

Use your voice! It matters! It matters to us - It matters to you - It matters to every family who’s lost their loved ones - It matters to ALL BLACK LIVES!

Encourage, Educate, Empower and Inspire eligible voters to Register & Vote!


Race To Saving Our Democracy

Why investing in these races is critical:

For many reasons, if we can defend and expand our position in the Senate, we can get the voting rights legislation passed that will contribute to fair elections. Never before in our history as a nation have we seen this profound threat to those rights!

Why Engaging Matters: Know:

Race to the Ballot Box

Headlines and polls don’t vote – and pundits only have a single vote per pundit. To win elections requires turning out voters. That requires organizers helping armies of volunteers reach voters, tools (i.e., tech & data) to identify the voters who are likely to vote for certain candidates AND unlikely to vote, legal teams to protect and fight for the rights of those voters to vote, and to remove hurdles to their voting, and compelling arguments that reach and inspire voters to exercise their civic duty. All that work requires substantial resources. We need your help securing those resources and have several fundraising and volunteer opportunities you should consider (for the events, even if you can't attend, please contribute any amount)

Why Engaging Matters: Budget:

As you plan your political giving (time and funds) this cycle – please give more than you ever considered before. Our Democracy depends on it! Trust me, I wish we didn’t have to donate and believe we desperately need campaign finance reform. But before we can get that, we must win and can’t unilaterally disarm!

Encourage, Educate, Empower and Inspire eligible voters to Register & Vote!



Call to Action


Your Immediate Actions: 


Phone bank to register voters in battleground states and join the ongoing Call Crew!


There are many opportunities to go and knock on doors in strategic locations. Let’s Get It Done!

John Lewis Every Dollar Counts!

Please help us reach voters, especially BIPOC voters, and provide them with the resources they need to vote from abroad!

Please help Democrats Abroad Global Black Caucus fight for our democracy in 2022 and beyond!

Donations of any size will help us "Get Out the Vote" and support the Biden/Harris Administration in the midterm elections.

We MADE the difference in 2020! And in Georgia in 2021! And we will continue to fight for Democratic victories and for issues that our members care about!

Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks Every Dollar Counts!☞ WE CAN’T WIN WITHOUT YOU!

If you can, please chip in! 

Either by donating to the Global Black Caucus:


or support us to help us modernize our website and reach more voters:


Your generous donation is a strategic investment that will benefit Democrats—and our democracy—for years to come!

Thank you for your support! 💙


Insight from the NDRC - National Democratic Redistricting Committee:

This is an update I received from the NDRC team that I wanted to share in its entirety:

I'm writing to you today with some exciting news: the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) is announcing our electoral targets for the 2022 midterm elections! As you all know, we have always focused our electoral work on the races that are most important for the redistricting process. We will maintain that focus, but, this year, we are "opening the aperture" of our targets: given the widespread threats to our democracy, we are, for the first time, including races in our electoral targets that are critical for fair election administration alongside those that are critical for fair maps. Please see this POLITICO article for more details, as well as below for more specifics.

Additionally, I want to highlight our most recent litigation victory: Louisiana! On Sunday, a federal Appeals Court panel in Louisiana lifted its stay of a lower court’s ruling that found the state’s congressional map was racially gerrymandered. Now, the remedial process to redraw the map can proceed - a major win for equal representation in the state. More details are included below.




The impact of our fight for fair maps can be seen throughout the country in the results of the redistricting process. In each step of the 2021 redistricting cycle, the NDRC and its affiliates stepped up to advocate for fair redistricting and equal representation, empowering fair maps advocates and fighting against gerrymandering. The result is that this year's congressional map is an overwhelmingly more fair map than this country has seen in a generation.

But our work cannot not stop there. The renewed assault on our nation’s democratic values and constitutional order from those who seek power at the expense of our democracy is part and parcel of our fight to end gerrymandering: at its core, both those who seek to gerrymander and those who seek to rig fair elections are undermining fair representation in this country. So, while the NDRC will maintain its primary focus on redistricting and the ongoing fight for fair maps, we will be expanding our electoral targets to include down-ballot races across the country that are critical to safeguarding our democracy and having fair elections.


These races include individuals running for: state supreme court so that neutral arbiters remain on the bench; secretaries of state so that we have top election officials who are committed to conducting free and fair elections; as well as governors and state legislators who are champions of fair maps and can provide critical firewalls against anti-democracy agendas.

You can find information on our 2022 Electoral Targets on our website here. As the summer months continue on, we will release specific candidate endorsements.


The National Redistricting Foundation (NRF - our 501c3 affiliate) is supporting individual voter plaintiffs in a lawsuit challenging the new congressional maps passed by Republicans in the state legislature, HB 1.

The suit alleges that HB 1 violates Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act (VRA) because it strategically cracks and packs Louisiana’s Black communities, diluting the Black voting strength in the state. The complaint alleges that the Black population in Louisiana is sufficiently large and geographically compact to form two majority-Black congressional districts, instead of just one.

In HB 1, Black voters comprise a majority of only one district—CD-2—and are held below 33 percent of the population in every other district. The bill was passed by the legislature, vetoed by the Governor, and then overridden by the legislature. Governor Edwards publicly stated his view that Louisiana’s Black citizens should be able to elect their representative of choice in two of the state’s six congressional districts.

Last week, a U.S. District Court blocked the state from using the newly-enacted congressional map due to its failure to include two districts that allow Black voters their ability to elect their preferred candidates. And earlier this week, a federal Appeals Court panel lifted its stay of that ruling, launching the redraw process forward and promising fairer elections for voters in Louisiana. The NRF is proud to be leading the legal fight for fair maps in Louisiana and is equally proud of this outcome – a repudiation of gerrymandering and a win for fair elections.

Get Involved!


There are many ways for you to get involved. You can become an active VOLUNTEER, DONATE or join our EVENTS and last but not least having a strong digital presence will be more important than ever for finding and mobilizing voters abroad for critical races in 2022.

We Need You.
Our Brothers and Sisters Need You. Our Country NEEDS You. BE THE FUTURE!

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