June 10, 2024

June 2024 Newsletter

Olá, Democrats,

Summer is here, and that means we have less than five months to deliver Portugal to the Democrats - that means it’s time to start tuning in. I just came back from the States, and it’s safe to say people are freaking out about the very real possibility that Trump gets elected. And that is true of our allies throughout Europe, who understand this to be a true existential moment. And if tracking polls aren’t convincing you (“polls don’t matter”), watch business leaders starting to fall into line and the recent editorial changes at the Washington Post. It is all alarming.

I can’t say this strongly enough: you are not just voting for Democrats or Joe Biden, you are voting for yourself and the future you want both for you and your children and grandchildren. This is not the election to sit out because of strong policy objections, no matter how deeply felt. It is not a closely held secret that Joe Biden is old - you are not just voting for an all powerful leader - with Joe comes brilliant and moral tacticians and experts and leaders. You are voting for the people around Biden - the Ron Klains, and the Deb Haalands and the Pete Buttegeigs.

You are voting for Roe, for the climate, for healthcare and social security and equal rights. You are voting for the Supreme Court and the judiciary writ large. They have made their plans clear: Project 25 (references below if you really want to freak out). The GOP wants to radically change the nature of our democracy - this is not a drill.

If you are reading this, you are frankly already very engaged. The people who need to read this are either not getting it in their inbox (they aren’t members of DA) or not opening it. If you are still with me, please reach out to a friend or family member who is less engaged or has Trump/politics fatigue or is just too cynical that their vote doesn’t count and democracy is too flawed.Have this conversation. Get them registered and request their ballot. Invite them to Democrats Abroad (though to be honest, that is the least of it!!).

And please reach out to me to get involved - there’s very little time left. I am always available at my email. We will need folks to make calls during the summer to remind people to return their ballots, and hold their hand if they don’t know how. We will be calling members around the world (the only people we can call - hence the request to join!) - with special focus on swing states. We are writing postcards, hosting events, making things happen.

We know the presidential election is going to come down to a few votes in five states - but we all need to vote down ballot, not just for Congress but for governors and state legislatures and sheriffs and school boards. It’s all on the line - and we need your help to make it happen.

Enough with the oratory. Here’s what’s going on:

LISBON June 6 - Happy Hour and more!, 5-7pm, Sao Pedro de Alcantara

CASCAIS June 13 - Coffee and Catch-up in Cascais, 10am. Brisa Bar 

June 19 - Make Good Trouble on Juneteenth! 

We need everyone who cares about the future and our lives to come out and make a stand for democracy. During this marathon event, we need you to show up and make a video about the issues that concern you and motivate you to vote. These videos will be used on our DA social media to encourage and motivate others to vote. We welcome participation from people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, races, sexual orientations, and backgrounds. Learn more at the link.

COIMBRA June 20 -  An American Schmooze, 4pm. The Living Room

LISBON July 4 - July 4th Celebration! Parque Eduardo VII, 12 - 4. Grassy area between Praia no Parque and Av. Sídonio País. A wonderful opportunity to connect and celebrate together. Look to our Events Page to RSVP and more details!

July 4 - ALBUFEIRA, ALGARVE July 4th BBQ Celebration, 3:00-7:00 pm.  Green Residences, Rua Joaquim Magalhãesn Lote 10 Apt A0C, 8200-112. Look to our Events Page to RSVP and more details!  

PHONEBANKING - We need folks to get trained in Phone-banking for the global summer outreach. Please get trained and join us so we can reach every member and remind them to return their ballots.  RSVP

PROJECT MANAGER NEEDED - If you have mad organizational skills, our communications department could really use you! We have a TON of creative talent, but we need an organized person to keep us on task.

LGBTQ OUTREACH LEAD - This community is under-represented in DA Portugal - we need someone to help us get people registered. Please consider helping us for the next five months.

If you've been following along, you know I like to share some important reading and podcasts. I'm especially moved by this month's offerings:

Heather Cox Richardson: Letters From an American, June 1st

 Project 2025

NYT article on Project 2025

The Guardian article on Project 2025 

Rebecca Solnit: The Loneliness of Donald Trump

Ezra Klein podcast: The Republican Party's Decay Began Long Before Trump

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With much gratitude,

Sally DeSipio

Chair, Democrats Abroad Portugal