March 30, 2023

2023 AGM Minutes and Election Results Available

DA Portugal held our Annual General Meeting on March 22. Our outgoing Executive Committee presented reports on last year's finances and activities, and DA International Chair Candice Kerestan spoke. Our Nominations and Elections Committee presented the results of the officer elections for the 2023-25 term.

The following people were elected to office (DCPA voting representative Ron Williams declined his election to a Member at Large position, and candidate Arthur Goubsy, who had the next highest number of votes, was nominated and confirmed to that MAL slot by a vote of the newly elected Executive Committee on March 24):

  • Sally DeSipio, Chair
  • Nevin Weiner, Vice Chair
  • Eriko Talley, Secretary
  • Linda Rupert, Treasurer
  • Diane Haven, Counsel
  • Ron Williams, DPCA Voting Representative 
  • Lisa Besso, Member at Large
  • Jon Carroll, MAL
  • Caitlin Boylan, MAL
  • Arthur Gousby, MAL 
  • Ellen Lewis, MAL
  • Theresa Recht, MAL

You can view the meeting recording, notes, and slide deck at