May 11, 2020

Candidates for Delegate to the 2020 Convention

The April 17, 2020, deadline for nominations to be a delegate to the 2020 Democratic National Convention is approaching. We want to encourage LGBT+ DA members to step up and run for delegate. 
Democrats Abroad has affirmative action goals to ensure that our delegation to the convention reflects the diversity of our country and party. Our delegation to the convention is strong when diverse voices are represented. DA’s goal is to have least three LGBT+ identified delegates at the 2020 convention. 
If you’re interested in knowing more about running for delegate, you can learn more by joining the April 13th delegate information call. 
All the information about the process for running for delegate can be found here
Information on our affirmative action goals and how you can declare your candidacy are on the DA website at
And if you’re a LGBT+ ally, why not reach out to a LGBT+ DA member and ask them to run!