February 25, 2021

Geneva Chapter Call for Candidates 2021


In Summer 2020, Geneva Chapter members answered the call to get out the vote, and look what happened…now our work begins in earnest, and we ask for your participation once more to lead the Geneva chapter ahead for the all-important 2022 midterms! Become a part of the Geneva Chapter committee!


Every two years, the Democrats Abroad Geneva Chapter elects a new committee consisting of four positions: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. Democrats Abroad is an organization which supports the Democratic Party agenda by registering U.S. citizens overseas to vote in elections, disseminating information about Democratic candidates and policies, and encourages political activism by assisting voters with their ballot submission, as well as involvement with political causes, such as those promoting social justice awareness, for example. 

Nominations Timeline and Eligibility

All active members of the DA Geneva Chapter are eligible and encouraged to run for a position. To submit your name for a position, please send an email to [email protected] by March 21st. 

On March 31st, candidates’ statements, bios, and voting procedures will be distributed via email, along with the notice of the general meeting. 

At the Annual General Meeting on April 25th, voting will take place electronically. 

If you are unsure of your active status, please email [email protected].

Position Descriptions: 
☆ Chair 

  • Oversee and coordinate the business functions of the chapter and report to country and global committees as required
  • Engage in membership recruitment, retention, and outreach in the Geneva/Vaud/Suisse Romande region
  • Ensure that core work is being done and appoint other positions as necessary for effective functioning of the group
  • Represent DACH Geneva as a member of the DACH Executive Committee (ExCom) and report to the DACH ExCom on chapter activities
  • Work with the other DACH chapters, volunteers, and the DACH ExCom
  • Hold regular meetings, direct the activities of DACH in the Geneva/Vaud/Suisse Romande region, and keep members informed about activities and events
  • Contribute to DACH fundraising and ensure all activities are conducted in compliance with FEC and campaign finance laws as established by the ExCom

☆ Vice Chair 

  • Assist the Chair in all Geneva Chapter activities
  • Partner with the Chair to take on some of their responsibilities
  • Participate in key discussions and decisions as part of the Leadership Team and with the volunteer corps
  • Substitute for the Chair when needed
  • Organize and conduct any scheduled Chapter meetings in the absence of the Chair
  • Attend DACH ExCom meetings in the absence of the Chair
  • Represent DACH Geneva together with other Chapter members in media relations activities

☆ Secretary 

  • Distribute meeting agendas to the Chapter Committee as necessary
  • Take and distribute minutes of all meetings and distribute to the Chapter Committee and DACH ExCom
  • Participate in key discussions and decisions as part of the Leadership Team and with the volunteer corps
  • Maintain files and administrative records of the Chapter (Google Drive)
  • Manage and maintain the Geneva Chapter membership and volunteer lists in coordination with the DACH Secretary. This may require training on the DA database
  • Ensure event advertising, internet, and social media presence in collaboration with event organizers and committee members

☆ Treasurer 

  • Manage the finances of DACH Geneva in agreement with the Geneva Chair and the DACH ExCom Treasurer
  • Participate in key discussions and decisions as part of the Leadership Team and with the volunteer corps
  • Maintain clear and accurate financial records and make financial reports as required
  • Ensure all financial matters conform to local rules and regulations as well as to those of the Federal Election Commission and campaign finance laws of the United States
  • Educate the Geneva Chapter members on latest updates on financial compliance guidance for Democrats Abroad

Nominations and Election Committee:

Laura Messenger, [email protected] 
Anne Grosset