April 02, 2023


Please join us in congratulating our 2023-2025 National Officers and Voting Representatives for Democrats Abroad France! Thank you to all the amazing candidates who stepped up to run! We also thank our members who voted in this year’s election.


National Officers

Chair – Dani Follett. Dani is dedicated to furthering the work done in her first term and increasing the impact of DAF in the crucial elections of 2024 by working to expand and energize our volunteer teams and membership base, diversify our events, extend our reach into new areas of France, and organize our powerful GOTV machine.

First Vice-Chair – Max Dunitz. Max’s mission is to make the essential work of civic engagement—voting, issue advocacy, and campaign volunteering—accessible for all Americans in France, no matter their location. 

Second Vice-Chair (Chapter Liaison) - Susan Fitoussi. Susan has experience as a Chapter Chair and will work to improve the well-being of chapters that may have a hard time finding members who will volunteer and help them keep their chapters alive.

Secretary – Ada Shen. Ada is committed to fulfilling the responsibilities of National Secretary and looks forward to serving on the National Officer team in supporting our leaders, our volunteers, and our members.

Treasurer – Marjorie Bernstein. Marjorie will continue to carry out the responsibilities of the position with diligence, perseverance, and diplomacy as she believes Democrats Abroad has an essential role in uniting, educating, and motivating American citizens.

Counsel – Joe Voelker. Joe is proud to put his legal background into use for DAF by serving as Counsel. He trained as a lawyer and has been a managing editor for what is now Bloomberg BNA, reporting on legal developments in Washington.

Database/IT Manager – Alejandra Roman. Alejandra believes in the power of voting and since living abroad has realized how crucial it is to maintain overseas voters engaged so that America continues to represent all our values. 

GOTV Officer - Sarah Kasha. Sarah hopes to use her experience with the Paris Youth Caucus to support robust GOTV efforts throughout France and help local GOTV Officers prepare to make the greatest impact in 2024.

Communications Officer – Amy Porter. Amy will continue to focus our communications efforts on energizing and mobilizing our members to vote; encouraging non-members to vote and join DA, and will continue to work with the chapters and caucuses in support of their local communications efforts.

Issues, Program and Events Coordinator – No Candidate

Membership Outreach / Volunteer Coordinator – Horace Small. Horace has been a professional organizer for more than 50 years and will work intensely with each chapter in developing to be more effective and efficient in organizing and mobilization. 


DPCA Voting Representatives

Juan Cerda
Ada Shen 
Joe Smallhoover
Connie Borde
Ronny Rubin
Marjorie Bernstein
James (Jim) Cohen
Kate Barrett
Robert Levitt

DAF National Election Board

Reed Kennedy
Chloe Olsen
Gretchen Pascalis

[email protected]