April 11, 2019

Meet the Candidates for DAF-Brittany Leadership!

The nominations period for DAF-Brittany Leadership Elections is now closed.

The candidates are:

ALLISON COLOBERT for Chair, Brittany Chapter

My name is Allison Colobert. I am running for Chair of the newly formed Brittany chapter of Democrats Abroad France (DAF) because I am dedicated and excited about building participation and strengthening our ties in Brittany. I feel that I have the experience and focus to lead us into the future.

Having served as a Member-At-Large of the DA France National Executive Committee, and as current Chair of the Brittany Chapter, I have grown in experience and leadership since 2017.

I am especially proud of creating the Brittany Chapter, we are a young and very dynamic chapter growing in membership on a daily basis. I have enjoyed meeting many of you these past two years at our various events, and am looking forward to many more outreach opportunities.

This is a crucial time for Democrats as it’s imperative that we maximize our voices and votes as Democrats abroad in Brittany. We must take our country back!

My priorities are climate change, women’s rights, and fair taxation for expats.

Thank you for your vote and consideration.

ALAN M. COMPAGNON for Vice-Chair, Brittany Chapter

I am interested in serving as Vice-Chairperson of the Democrats Abroad  Brittany Chapter. I have voted for, and supported, Democratic Party candidates my entire life.  Before I was voting age, I campaigned locally for candidate George McGovern. In 1982, I served as a labor representative to the Massachusetts State Democratic Party convention in Springfield, MA.  As in-house counsel to the Communications Workers of America, I was active in the Union’s efforts to elect statewide New York Democrats, as well as in national campaigns. I have engaged in phone banking on behalf of President Barack Obama and volunteered to phone bank for an assortment of Democratic Party candidates in states other than New York.  I believe that the key issues for the 2020 elections are get out the vote efforts and working against Republican Party efforts to suppress voting nationwide. More than ever, every vote counts – and that obviously includes votes by Americans living abroad.

Thank you for your consideration.

MARGARET WESTMACOTT for Secretary, Brittany Chapter

My name is Margaret Westmacott.  I am running for the position of Secretary of the Brittany Chapter of Democrats Abroad.

I have been absent for some time from American political life due to long experience being active in the Women's Political Association in the Republic of Ireland which put Mary Robinson firmly in position as President many years ago.  Now, as I live in France and have begun to be frustrated by the political agenda which informs political life in the US, I am ready to play my part in overturning the present regime and hope to restore greater interest among Democrats here in France, particularly in the northwest where I live in the Vendée.

Events to unify various groups in this part of France will help to build a more forceful climate of participation and organization and I will look forward to meeting as many people interested in putting Democracy back at the heart of Government.

At your service, I hope, to winning 2020.

ROY A. STACY and JANA CHARTERS for Members-At-Large, Brittany Chapter

I am a retired US Foreign Service Officer living in Brittany. I served 35 years and most of that was in Africa.  I retired in 1989 having been Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Africa. As a government employee I was prohibited from political activities but am trying to make up for that now. We are life-long Democrats who believes that they can best succeed in the priorities important to us. These are health care for all under a single payer system similar to those in Europe, protecting our environment and taking resolute action to combat climate change.  Our other issues for the Democrats are rebuilding our middle class through fair tax policies, modernizing the American infrastructure and wage equality for women. Along with my wife Jana Charters we are running for Members-At-Large of the Brittany Chapter of DA and will work to enlarge the membership and expand voter registration. We look forward to hosting a Chapter meeting at our home in Paimpol in a stone house built in 1776.

Roy A. Stacy

Jana Lynn Charters

MARTHA LE CARS for Member-At-Large, Brittany Chapter

Born in the US and raised in rural western NY in a family of Republicans, I worked in upstate NY for 30 years for a large corporation holding positions of increasing responsibility. I grew tired of trying to build a team with trust and honesty only to be obligated by management to annually decrease my workforce. So after 10 years of a trans-Atlantic relationship, 4 years of which we were married, I decided to move to France to live permanently with my French husband.

I credit my first husband with launching my interest in politics and helping me understand that my core values and beliefs were aligned with those of the Democratic party. Although at the time I was interested in politics, I never made the time to get involved. Since moving to France in 2012 and no longer working, I follow both US and French politics much more closely. One of the top reasons that I applied for French citizenship as early as possible was to be able to vote here. My belief is that it is imperative that each citizen exercise their right to vote. This is even more important in the very concerning US political environment.

Although I have never been formally involved with Democrats Abroad, I have served on the boards of various women's rights and environmental organizations, and on a church board of directors, holding several executive positions, both in the US and in France. I have the time to get involved and the interest to learn.

Members of Democrats Abroad France living in the Brittany region are eligible to vote in the leadership elections being conducted via online e-ballot. Please check your email to receive this ballot. To join Democrats Abroad France - Brittany Chapter, you must be a US citizen 18 years of age or older by November 3, 2020, and residing in the Brittany region of France — go here to join: www.democratsabroad.org/join