Delegate Candidates On Target to Reach Affirmative Action Targets

Twenty-one members of Democrats Abroad will represent our "state" party as delegates at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in in July. Democrats Abroad has set ambitious affirmative-action goals to ensure that our delegation represents the diversity of our constituency.  


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Global Presidential Primary Results

The results are in! In an unprecedented turnout, up 50% from 2008, 34,570 voters cast their ballots from over 170 countries all around the world, through in person voting, by fax, email, and post, and the results are as follows:

Bernie Sanders received 69% of the vote in the Democrats Abroad’s Global Presidential Primary, Hillary Clinton 31%.

Sanders picks up 9 pledged delegates as a result of the primary, while Clinton secures an additional 4 delegates. A full breakdown of the total ballots cast for each candidate, and number of delegates received, is detailed below.

DA volunteers worked around the clock and around the world over the past two weeks to verify and count every ballot cast.

Votes and delegate totals


% of total vote

Total Vote

Number of delegates won

Bernie Sanders




Hillary Clinton




Martin O’Malley




Rocky De La Fuente












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Record Turnout Proof of Overseas Voter Enthusiasm

Voting in the Global Presidential Primary finished on March 8th, but the work isn't done for the tens of volunteers
around the globe doing the final vote count.  

Democrats Abroad will announce the results of the Global Presidential Primary on Monday, March 21.  While we don't yet know who won, we do know that Americans living outside the U.S. cast more ballots than ever before.  

Democrats Abroad volunteers made the record voter turnout possible by running more than 150 in-person voting centers in 38 countries as well as accepting ballots by email, post and fax.

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Global Presidential Primary Continues Around the World

Over 10,000 Americans have cast their ballots | Voting at local sites, and remote voting, continues until March 8 
Over 10,000 Americans have already voted in Democrats Abroad’s Global Presidential Primary, with many more ballots to be cast between now and March 8. 
Unlike voters in the United States, Americans living abroad have the opportunity to vote in the Democrats Abroad primary until March 8th at local polling stations, or by emailing, posting or faxing their ballot. 
The final results of the Global Presidential Primary, including delegate allocations, will not be announced until all ballots are counted on March 21.
The primary, which kicked off at Midnight on Tuesday, March 1 in Wellington, New Zealand, has been the subject of unprecedented interest by the public and the media. 
Voting centers report large numbers of Americans joining at their local voting center, showing proof of identity to volunteers, and casting a ballot. From Prague, Julia Bryan, Chair of Democrats Abroad Czech Republic, reports that their membership numbers have doubled in just a few weeks. 
"We're seeing a lot of interest all around the country. Voters are telling their friends, who are telling their friends - it's a big chain reaction that's exciting to be a part of."
U.S. Democrats in 111 cities, in 39 countries, will take part in the Global Presidential Primary before it runs its course. A full list of voting sites and times can be found at
For more details about the Global Primary, including our delegate allocation, local media contacts and a list of our ‘super delegates’ and their candidate commitments, visit
Photo by Lukas Biba, all rights reserved, Reportér Magazín

First Super Tuesday results: Americans in New Zealand make their voice heard

First Super Tuesday results:
Sanders 21 - Clinton 6

Americans in New Zealand first to vote in what could be the turning point of the U.S. Primary elections

U.S. Democrats living in the capital of New Zealand have made their voice heard in the first Super Tuesday primary voting to take place around the world. 
Kat Allikian, Chair of Democrats Abroad New Zealand, said, "Tonight’s opportunity for U.S. Democrats living in New Zealand to cast the first votes on Super Tuesday was a great success. Our turnout was small, but like our fellow Americans in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, we’ve made our voices heard about the issues that matter to us."

New Zealand is the first of 39 countries where Democrats Abroad will host in-person voting between March 1-8; voting sites will be open in 22 countries on Super Tuesday alone, and in 104 cities throughout the week.

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The Campaigns Speak to Democrats Abroad


Democrats Abroad hosted a Global Town Hall on Sunday February 21 at which the two presidential campaigns spoke directly to our members. More than 2000 people in 65 countries signed up to host the event either as individuals or for house parties, making it the single biggest event ever in DA's history. Joining us from the Hillary Clinton campaign was Madeleine Albright, and from the Bernie Sanders campaign we are grateful that Senator Sanders himself was able to join us.  In case you missed it, you can find both parts of the Global Town Hall on our  Democrats Abroad channel on Vimeo.  Or you can just click below! Our thanks to Secretary Albright and Senator Sanders for joining us.


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Extraordinary Global Event Not To Be Missed!

Extraordinary Global Event Not To Be Missed!



Democrats around the world will participate in a Global Town Hall this Sunday, February 21, at Noon eastern time (that's 6pm in Europe).  The Clinton and Sanders campaigns will be speaking directly to us via a webex video connection, and responding to our questions.  This will be a historic event--the first time ever that DA has been addressed directly by presidential campaigns during a primary--and you will not want to miss it.  Joining us to answer our questions will be Jake Sullivan, Hillary Clinton's top Foreign Policy Advisor, and Senator Bernie Sanders, candidate.


Joining us from the Clinton campaign is Jake Sullivan, Hillary Clinton's top Foreign Policy Advisor.  Mr. Sullivan served as Secretary Clinton’s Director of Policy Planning at the State Department. He also served as Vice President Joe Biden’s National Security Advisor and was a principal architect of the Iranian nuclear talks.   He could be the National Security Advisor in a future Clinton Administration. 

The person joining us from the Sanders campaign needs no introduction: Senator Bernie Sanders himself!  No, you didn't read that wrong - the Senator informed us on Thursday night that he would connect to the call.  So this is truly a historic event for Democrats Abroad.


You can connect to the event with your computer. Instructions to connect will be provided when you RSVP, and we ask that contribute 25 euros to participate in this landmark event.  And even though it is on a closed network, the number of connections are limited, so you'll want to ACT NOW.   

It's short notice to be sure, and there's just not enough time for most DA chapters to organize any "official" event for this.  But YOU can!  Why not invite some friends over and have a House Party?  EMAIL US, and we'll provide you with information to get set up.  

On the RSVP page, scroll down and click on the RSVP button, and you'll be taken to the donation page.  Information to connect to the event will be sent to you later, as will a form by which you can submit your questions for consideration.  Rest assured, both candidates are going to be asked about FATCA, CBT, and taxation!


Extraordinary Global Event Not To Be Missed! UPDATED !

The Campaigns To Speak Directly to Democrats Abroad!


Democrats around the world will participate in a Global Town Hall this Sunday, February 21, at Noon eastern time (that's 6pm in Europe).  The Clinton and Sanders campaigns will be speaking directly to us via a webex video connection, and responding to our questions.  This will be a historic event--the first time ever that DA has been addressed directly by presidential campaigns during a primary--and you will not want to miss it.  Joining us to answer our questions will be Madeleine Albright, former U.S. Secretary of State, and Senator Bernie Sanders, candidate.

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Seven Reasons Every American Abroad Should Vote in the Global Presidential Primary


The Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary is going on NOW and until March 8.   You have the opportunity to cast your vote for one of our outstanding candidates and, we think, to select the next President of the United States.   We think EVERY American abroad should vote, regardless of how politically active they may be.  No one should be indifferent.  Here are SEVEN reasons why.


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