Just because we're away from "home" doesn't mean that we're not working hard to get Democrats elected! We had volunteers on the ground in over 20 cities today finding and helping Americans, including many dual citizens, vote from abroad. Many thanks to all who participated in our "Ready, Set, Vote" outreach day! A reminder that it's not too late for you to spread the word. Here's more on how you can help.

If you still haven't voted, or have questions about voting, we've put together the most important voting resources for you below. In most cases, it's not too late to vote from abroad, but time is unfortunately running out. Please do not delay! Request your ballot at www.votefromabroad.org, contact us if you need help, and then get your free "I Voted from Germany" sticker! Again, please note that there is NO in-person voting in Germany in November!

There are also plenty of exciting events happening this week, including a TED talk on climate change with Dr. Ifung Lu, a phonebanking training, an "art of voting from abroad" exhibit in Wiesbaden, and an online Biden-Harris rally!

Also, please already mark November 1 on your calendars: The Heidelberg Chapter is hosting "Election Predictions and Insights with John McQueen", an event you won't want to miss! Next week, we'll also distribute an order form for Election Night "Party Packs", which will include Biden-Harris posters, reusable cups, balloons, and buttons. Root for Joe and Kamala from anywhere in Germany on Election Night!

  • By this point, you should have received your ballot. If you requested it and have not received it, please contact your local election official (info here) AND submit a Federal Write-In Ballot (FWAB), if you haven't already. Get started at www.votefromabroad.org/fwab. If you need help, please respond to this email or submit your question here.

There's no downside to submitting a FWAB. But you should also mail in your official ballot as soon as you receive it. If both the FWAB and your official ballot reach your voting jurisdiction by the deadline, only the official ballot will be counted and the FWAB will be discarded. 

  • If your state allows email or fax ballot return, please use these options as they’re not subject to delay. Here is more information on fax submission. Please note that some states that allow email or fax return require that the ballot be sent by postal mail, too.

  • If your state requires postal mail ballot return, we no longer recommend using the Deutsche Post, but rather a courier service, if financially feasible. You might want to consider taking advantage of the following special with FedEx Express:

FedEx Express is kindly offering Americans abroad a discount to send ballots home reliably. US voters living in 10 European countries can now take advantage of a special rate for overnight return of their absentee ballots. From now through November, FedEx International Priority service for envelopes up to 500g sent to the USA, including home pick-up in many cases, costs just €25 from BelgiumFranceGermanyItalyNetherlandsSpainDenmark (kr.186), Poland (112 zł), Sweden (260 kr), and the United Kingdom (£23). This special is only bookable online — discounts will not be given if booking at a FedEx store or on the phone. Feel free to privately tell your friends and family, but please do not post about this on social media. 

Please note that some DA Germany members have reported that delivery takes longer than one business day (in some cases four work days).

If using FedEx, or any other courier, your ballot must still be enclosed in a ballot envelope, also sometimes called a "secrecy" or "security" envelope. The instructions that come with your ballot will explain how to prepare your ballot envelope. Complete your ballot, put it in the ballot envelope, seal it, make sure to sign the ballot oath, and then put it in the courier service envelope.

All details, including a step-by-step "how to guide", about the FedEx deal can be found at


As a small thank you for your civic engagement, DA Germany is happy to mail you an "I Voted from Germany" sticker free of charge.

Get your free "I Voted from Germany" sticker here

(save the picture and already make it your prof pic, too!)

24 Hours of Reality — Countdown to the Future

Sunday, October 11 — 5:00pm

Join Democrats Abroad Germany and Dr. Ifung Lu for a brief journey through climate breakdown — the science, impacts and solutions, with a quick look at what a single family of four, recently immigrated to Germany, can do. We’ll talk about both individual and collective actions, including VOTING, and then transition into a healthy discussion about what we all can do together as Americans living in Germany.

This webinar is part of a 24-hour, global event organized by the Climate Reality Project and TED Countdown, where thousands of climate leaders will give short TED-talks to start conversations. We’re creating the world’s largest discussion on climate, all at the same time! 

Phonebanking Training

Monday, October 12 — 6:00pm

Calling is one of the best ways to get our members to vote! It’s easy and effective! Do you have time to make a few calls? Many of our members are at home, eager to receive them.

Learn how to phonebank at this online live training. For beginners or to refresh your skills or to share your experience! We’ll focus on the basics, take questions, describe the new texting feature, and discuss how it will be to call in the current environment.

Biden-Harris Online Rally

Sunday, October 18 — 3:00pm

Are you fired up and ready to put Joe and Kamala in the White House?! So are we! On Sunday, October 18, Democrats Abroad Germany is hosting an online Biden-Harris rally to keep our spirits high in these critical last few weeks. We'll look back at all the passionate resistance in Germany over the past four years, hear from politicians and activists, and sing along to the music of talented songwriters like Alfred McCrary, a Frankfurt local who recently composed "Ridin' with Biden". Join us as we bring this thing home!

It's not too late to show your support and help our cause! Get your Biden-Harris and Democrats Abroad swag today at www.democratsabroad.org/germanyshop. Biden-Harris shirts are going fast, so we recommend ordering soon if you'd like one.

We also welcome one-time or recurring donations, which can be directed to:

Account name: Democrats Abroad Germany

IBAN: DE04 5405 0220 0140 2702 99


Thanks for reading and have a great rest of your weekend!


DA Germany