Democrats Abroad in Chiriquí Hold Thanksgiving

Democrats Abroad in Chiriqui held an in person dinner in celebration of Thanksgiving on Sunday, December 21 in Boquete. 

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Chiriqui Progressives Hold Fall Festival and Wine Tasting.

Democrats Abroad Panama in the Province of Chiriqui held an in person fall meeting with wine and appetizer tasting in Boquete on October 9. Due to much decreased Covid cases in the country and ability to have people together, about 50 vaccinated members of Chiriqui Progressives discussed plans for 2022 voter registration and get out the vote activities. In addition, everyone was able to sample three wines and related appetizer tastings, as well as listen to local musicians. It was a festive atmosphere for everyone.

Leaders in Democrats Abroad Panama for 2021-2022

At a virtual meeting on April 28, 2021, the following people were elected as leaders of Democrats Abroad Panama for the next two years:


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Meet the Candidates Zoom Call

Democrats Abroad will have a ZOOM call to meet the candidates for the upcoming election.



The Zoom Call is at

Boquete has HUGE In Person Voting Event

Democrats Abroad Panama had its in person voting event in Boquete on Tuesday, March 3.  Turn out was very high, especially among those who had not belonged to Democrats Abroad previously. Of the 79 in person votes at the event, over 55 were new sign ups! While about 120 members were in the Boquete area already, most of those voted by email or in their home states. Things were crazy for awhile, but everyone was excited about voting for the next Democratic President of the United States! 

If you haven't voted yet, consider attending the Beaches (Coronado area) event Friday, March 6, at 9:00 AM at the  

Panama Coast International School in Nueva Gorgona or Panama City on Sunday, March 8 at 11:00 AM at the Country Store and Cafe in the Balboa neighborhood


Boquete Democrats Get Ready to Vote in the Global Presidential Primary

Democrats Abroad Panama has its first in-person voting event on Super Tuesday, March 3. Democrats in Boquete and the surrounding Chiriquí area are ready to vote this afternoon from 4:30 to 7:30 at the Animales Clinic. The clinic is just off the main highway coming into Boquete, on the other side of the road from Ivan's Supermercado. 


DA Members Attend Voter Registration and Global Presidential Primary Training

Three members of the Democrats Abroad Panama team attended training in Costa the weekend of October 25 and 26. The training was for members of the Democrats Abroad Americas Region and was attended by participants from Canada to Argentina, Haiti to Ecuador. The Costa Rica membership hosted an excellent event, where attendees were provided with information on how to set up Voter Registration and Global Presidential Primary events. 

With this fantastic training, we will be planning on Voter Registration events in the upcoming months and Global Presidential Primary locations in the week of March 3 to 10. These events are currently being planned for the Boquete region and the beaches area around Coronado.


Democrats at the Beach Gather in Coronado

A congenial group of Democrats in the Coronado Beach area met on September 18th to enjoy the company of other Democrats over snacks and adult beverages. There was also a brief discussion about registration and Get Out the Vote (GOTV) activities leading up to the Presidential Election in 2020.

This was the first gathering of Democrats in the Beaches area and attendees are looking forward to additional get-togethers and meeting more Democrats in the area.

For more information about Democrats Abroad in the Beaches area, contact [email protected]


Democrats Abroad Discuss Issues in Chiriqui

We had a great potluck dinner and discussion of democratic issues and candidates. After a lively discussion of how US and world society got to the position we are in, it was agreed that we want more discussion. We plan on hosting future candidate forums, where the positions of each candidate will be summarized. In addition, we will host workshops on how to vote in the primaries and national elections in 2020.