October 25, 2023

Greetings From Panama!

I spent more than 25 years living in the mountains of Colorado, where I worked as a ski instructor and ski school supervisor.

I have played music my whole life and continue to write and play music.

I moved to the west coast of Florida for six years before moving to Panama in 2019. I love living in Panama and all that it has to offer. I am honored to serve in the position of Chair of Democrats Abroad Panama, and with your help, I intend for this organization to continue to be a positive influence on the future of our country.


My name is Timothy (Tim) Connelly and I live in Boquete Panama.

I have been a registered Democrat for 52 years. I believe in the philosophies of the Democratic party. 

I have always believed the United States is or should be a country:

  • That has welcomed people of all colors and ethnicities, faiths, beliefs, and languages from all across the world.
  • Where women are perceived and treated as equals, in their work, and personal lives and have control of their bodies
  • Where a person is judged by their character and integrity, not their social position.
  • Where a person can live without judgment about personal lifestyle choices.
  • Where a person can live with respect for what they earn and have decent affordable or free health care.
  • Where the elected officials work for the benefit of their constituents and not greedy lobbyists.

I voted in this recent most important election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, thanks to Democrats Abroad.

Elections have gotten very heated with incredible amounts of money being spent on campaigning where scare tactics and bold outright lies are being used to influence millions of U.S. citizens. We need to make sure all Democrats, no matter where they are residing, have the ability to vote in all the upcoming elections. I will work hard to make sure Democrats Abroad make it as easy as possible for all Democrats to have their voices heard.