March 18, 2019

Aline Spyrka reports back from Heidelberg AGM

Hello, my name is Aline Spyrka and I am the intern for the Berlin Chapter of Democrats Abroad! I am from the Bay Area, California and am studying abroad in Berlin. I was fortunate enough to attend Democrats Abroad Germany’s Annual General Meeting.

This year’s Annual General Meeting in Heidelberg was the first Democrats Abroad event I attended. Overall, I really enjoyed this event and I learned a lot. I learned about the various caucuses, voting systems, elected positions, jobs/roles, volunteer roles, and about the various chapters. Specifically, Germany has 12 chapters and each newly elected chair for their chapter presented events they held over the year or activities they enjoyed.

It was great to hear about specific events chapters held and which were similar to Berlin’s. Intros from each chapter were insightful and I appreciated the explanation of terminology/events. The caucus reports were also very informative for new members.

One of breakaway events for caucus small groups was a great way to meet more people. I had wished I had more time to meet them and brainstorm for the youth caucus because I really liked meeting so many new people and hearing about their experiences abroad as an American and a Democrat. I now have friends to visit in Dresden, Heidelberg, and Muenster and know much more about Democrats Abroad Germany!

Photo by Aline Spyrka Photo by Aline Spyrka