July 30, 2020

How to Form a Local AAPI Caucus

What do we do? 

As the Asian American and Pacific Islander Caucus, our goal is to speak to, and speak for, the diverse AAPI community among Democrats Abroad membership in all three regions: Asia-Pacific, EMEA and the Americas. 

The AAPI Caucus hopes to act as a unified voice to call for structural reforms and for recognizing AAPI perspectives in Democrats Abroad.

What is this document? 

This document provides you and your country committee with the steps necessary to become an official arm of the global Asian American Pacific Islander Caucus. 

Why should you form a local AAPI Caucus? 

There are a number of reasons a local Asian American Pacific Caucus can be beneficial to your country or local chapter:

  1. It will enable you to engage with your AAPI members more effectively and encourage greater involvement in your local activities.  
  2. It will provide your local membership an outlet to shape conversations at the global level about issues relevant to the AAPI community. 
  3. It will provide leadership opportunities for your members. 

►Download the AAPI Caucus guide to forming a local caucus (PDF).