November 26, 2018

Medicare For All Barnstorm Training Calls - December 2018

Take action and get training to make improved Medicare For All a reality.

Want to see all Americans get the healthcare they need?  Join ProDA and the National Nurses United for a major nationwide mobilization in February 2019.
Next step is to join one of their training calls in early December, on the 3rd, 5th and 7th.  They have agreed to help ProDA volunteers host events overseas as well as virtual actions.

Register for a training call here: may need to copy the link and paste it into the navigation bar to avoid a 'blocked plug in' screen)

If you plan to attend the training, or just want to help with ProDA’s M4A efforts, please email us HERE.

M4A Barnstorms are a great complement to ProDA’s Healthcare Stories book which will be distributed to Members of Congress, and our planned letters to the editor campaign, so a number of ProDA volunteers are participating in the training calls.  Join us and host an event where you are!
For more information on the M4A Campaign’s February action see:
And listen to the Post-Midterm Organizing Call that explains the Barnstorm effort here:
To contact ProDA, email us HERE.