Join Stan Greenberg as he speaks to Democrats Abroad on Thursday, 3 September at 11:00 Eastern Time

Prominent US Pollster Stan Greenberg talks to Democrats Abroad about the state of polls, what they mean, and what to expect this year

Join Stan Greenberg as he speaks to Democrats Abroad on Thursday, 3 September at 11:00 Eastern Time about the demise of the Republican Party and how progressive policies can impact the 2020 US Presidential race. Stan will answer questions and discuss his polling and focus group research.

About our speaker: Stan Greenberg is the founding partner of Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research (GQR) and co-founder of Democracy Corps, along with James Carville. His polling and focus group work is reflected in recent articles in The Atlantic, The American Prospect and his new book, RIP GOP: How the New America Is Dooming the Republicans. He has advised numerous Democratic US presidents and world leaders including Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and Nelson Mandela and worked for dozens of politicians and candidates at every level of government. His NY Times best-selling book, It's the Middle Class Stupid! urges Democrats to focus on everyday Americans when they set policy and campaign. He is a graduate of Miami University and received his Ph.D. from Harvard University. He went on to teach at Yale, later moving into political consulting. His current firm, Democracy Corps, provides in-depth research and strategic advice to progressive groups, candidates and leaders. Stan also conducts bi-partisan polls for NPR, The Los Angeles Times and the Bipartisan Policy Centre.

When: Thursday, September 3, 2020, 11:00 AM Eastern time (Washington, DC time)

Where: Zoom Call (RSVP below to receive the link)

Ticket cost: Tickets are free, but we encourage you to support Democrat Abroad’s efforts to get out the vote in 2020 by donating here Even if you can't join the call, you can show your support by clicking HERE to make a donation. Please help get out the vote around the world in this crucial election year.

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AGM 2020 Notes

2020 Democrats Abroad Romanian Annual General Meeting

AGM will be at held at 19:00, May 13th via Zoom and former Ambassador James Rosapepe will be joining via teleconferencing as well.


Meeting ID: 893 3700 5052


Look forward to speaking with you on the 13th.




Radu Florescu


DA Romania

2019 Democrats Abroad Romanian Annual General Meeting

The 2019 Democrats Abroad Romanian Annual General Meeting, which will include elections to the Executive Committee, will be held on Thursday, April 11, 2019 at 7:00 PM.

The meeting with be held at the offices of Vernon David, 12A Dr. Burghelea Str., District 2, Bucharest.

1. Call to Order

2. Report from the Chair

3. Treasurer’s Report

4. Election of new Executive Committee members for the period 2019 – 2021

5. Consideration of other matters as may properly come before the meeting

6. Adjourn

Elections for the DA Romania Board:

All positions (detailed below) are up for election at this meeting. The positions are as follows:

1. Chair

2. Vice-Chair

3. Secretary

4. Treasure

5. Counsel (Legal)

6. Member-at-Large 1

7. Member-at-Large 2

Note: Democrats Abroad rules require that the Chair and Vice-Chair be of opposite sex.

Paul Baran has been appointed as chair of the DA Romania Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC) for our 2019 elections. Nominations for an office shall be made in writing sent to the NEC. A member may nominate themselves. The NEC may also make nominations directly. Nominations should be sent to the NEC by notifying the Committee via email at [email protected] no later than March 25, 2019. Because there will also be electronic/absentee voting, candidates cannot declare themselves at the meeting, except if there is no declared candidate for an office to be filled.

We strongly encourage any and all members who wish to participate and run for a position on the board to submit a nomination.

A statement supporting the nomination may also be included. It should be no longer than one page. The NEC will issue the nomination report and official ballot no later than March 28, 2019. The nominating report will include nominations, nominee statements (if any), and full absentee/electronic voting and proxy voting guidelines. Please note that only DA Romania members signed up and fully registered by April 10, 2019, will be able to vote.

We encourage anyone interested in running for a position to read the position descriptions for each office set out below. Please let us know if you have any questions about the positions and what the work and the time commitment entails.

* = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = *

As you know, these are important times for Democrats Abroad. Now more than ever it is important for all of us to vote in every possible election. The hard work of our DA Romania members to get out the vote over the past year has helped bring about the great results for Democrats in the 2018 Midterms. Now we need your help to keep that momentum going — we need a powerful leadership team to maintain that energy and carry us forward to a Democratic White House in 2020.

If you've been looking for a way to be more involved in the political process, here's your chance!

* = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = *

Description of the DA Romania offices

Candidates should be members of Democrats Abroad Romania, US citizens 18 years or older, should be living in Romania from the time of their nomination, and should be able to serve a full term of two years. Every eligible member with interest, ability, conviction, and ideas is encouraged to run.

DA Romania Chair and Vice-Chair

The Chair and Vice-Chair are the link between DA at the international/regional level and the Chapters working at their local level. The two officers must be of different sex. It is helpful for these officers to be located in or near the major cities. The Chair and Vice-Chair are voting members at the international level and represent DA Romania at regular regional and international meetings (in person or online). They ensure that Romania meets all its country committee compliance requirements. They are responsible for regular communication to DA Romania members and manage the smooth running of the chapters. The Chair is the official spokesperson for DA Romania, unless press relations have been delegated to someone else.

DA Romania Secretary

The Secretary is the very heart of DA Romania – making sure our members are kept informed (via emails, the website, etc.), managing membership records, and organizing countrywide meetings and conference calls. The Secretary takes notes at DA meetings and keeps a file of official documents. Some of these tasks may be delegated to a database and/or social media officer, but ideally the Country Secretary should be familiar with database and communication tools.

DA Romania Counsel

The Counsel must be available for consultation by the Romania Board on legal and procedural questions relating to the country committee or its activities, and will consult with the International Counsel as necessary.

DA Romania Treasurer

The Treasurer keeps the country committee accounts (if relevant) and is responsible for any financial reporting. The Treasurer ensures that funds are raised and expended properly and coordinates with the chapter treasurers.


There are two Members-at-Large. They act as a sounding board and give input at executive committee meetings. Their duties are to perform any tasks mutually agreed upon within the Executive Committee, foster and maintain good relations within DA Romania and the American expat community as well as promote and expand local activities.


DA Romania Intro


Welcome to Democrats Abroad Romania!

DA Romania is the official country committee for US Democrats living in Romania. Watch this space for upcoming announcements of meetings and events - we have events planned throughout the year, and encourage anyone interested in participating to get in touch.

If you have questions or would like to help with Democrats Abroad in Romania please contact us.