February 18, 2021

Rules for the 2021 DA-Denmark elections

1. Nominations for the 2021 Democrats Abroad Denmark Executive Committee and Voting Representative elections must be submitted to the Nominations Committee by 8 pm on Monday, 15 February, and The Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC) will send its recommendations to the membership by Thursday, 18 February. Any Democrats Abroad Denmark member who is not recommended by the Nominations Committee may announce their candidacy via email to the NEC by 8 pm on Saturday, 6 March. Nominations will not be allowed from the floor unless there is no declared candidate for the position, or if there is no candidate for Vice Chair who is of different sex than Chair (see definition below).

2. In order to vote in the 2021 Democrats Abroad Denmark election, one must be registered as a member of Democrats Abroad Denmark by Saturday, 6 March, which is 14 days before the Annual General Meeting to be held on by Saturday, 20 March 2021.

3. Voting in-person, electronically, and via proxy is allowed.

4. The link to the electronic ballot and all candidate statements will be sent by email no more than 13 days and no less than 10 days before the Annual General Meeting, that is between Sunday, 7 March and Wednesday, 10 March. Electronic voting will close at 8 pm on Friday, 19 March. Any electronic votes received after 8 pm will be considered invalid. Those members who miss the cutoff time for electronic voting will still be allowed to at the Annual General Meeting, or by sending a proxy to a member attending the meeting.

5. All votes, including AGM, by proxy, and electronic, will be tallied by tellers at the Annual General Meeting, and the results will be announced at the Annual General Meeting as well as via email.

6. The Chair and the Vice Chair must be of different sex, according to the following, which is based on Democrats Abroad Denmark Bylaws Section 4.1, and which is in accordance with the Democrats Abroad Charter:

The Chair and Vice Chair shall be of different sex, as declared by each candidate to the Nominations Committee at the time of declaring candidacy for office. For the purposes of this Section, the term “sex” is defined as male, female, intersex, or any other classification of sex or gender that is legally recognized by any state or federal jurisdiction within the United States of America.

7. The tallying of votes for Chair shall take precedence over the tallying of votes for the other positions. For the position of Vice Chair, members shall vote for a candidate of different sex than the candidate for whom they voted for Chair.

8. For the position of Member-at-Large, the candidates with the highest and second highest number of votes will be elected as the two Members-at-Large.

9. Proxies on paper or via email may be given to members who will be attending the Annual General Meeting, up to the time of the meeting. No member may carry more than two proxies alongside the member’s own vote. Proxies sent to the Secretary must be received via email not later than 8 pm on Friday, 19 March. Any proxies received by the Secretary after 8 pm will not be accepted, yet may instead be sent to individual members attending the Annual General Meeting. More information about voting by proxy can be found in the Democrats Abroad Denmark Bylaws Section 11.9.

10. If there is a tie for an elected position, the Nominations Committee shall call an immediate, on-the-spot runoff election by secret ballot with the participation of those present at the Annual General Meeting.

11. Challenges to an election process may be made to the Nominations Committee prior to and no later than 7 days after the election. Challenges to an election result may be made to the Nominations Committee within 7 days after the election. Any challenges shall be adjudicated by the Nominations Committee in consultation with the Chair, who will consult with the Executive Committee.