AGM Election Results, and the DADK Executive Committee for 2019-2021

Congratulations to our 2019-2021 Executive Committee and Voting Representative, elected at our March 16th, 2019 Annual General Meeting. Front row left to right: Michelle Taube (Voting Representative), Vibeke Lybro (Secretary), Kimberly Chopin (Chair), Judy Williams (Treasurer), Paul Martin Schwartz (Member at Large). Back row left to right: David S. Miller (Vice Chair), Joe Simon (Counsel), Jerrel Burney (Member-at-Large). 


Rules for the Democrats Abroad Denmark elections

1. Nominations for the 2019 Democrats Abroad Denmark Executive Committee and Voting Representative elections must be submitted to the Nominations Committee by noon on Friday, 8 February, and The Nominations Committee will send its recommendations to the membership by Thursday, 14 February. Any Democrats Abroad Denmark member who is not recommended by the Nominations Committee may announce their candidacy via email to the Nominations Committee by noon on Saturday, 2 March. Nominations will not be allowed from the floor unless there is no declared candidate for the position, or if there is no candidate for Vice Chair who is of different sex than Chair (see definition below).

2. In order to vote in the 2019 Democrats Abroad Denmark election, one must be registered as a member of Democrats Abroad Denmark by Saturday, 2 March, which is 14 days before the Annual General Meeting to be held on by Saturday, 16 March 2019.

3. Voting in-person, electronically, and via proxy is allowed.

4. The link to the electronic ballot and all candidate statements will be sent by email no more than 13 days and no less than 10 days before the Annual General Meeting, that is between Sunday, 3 March and Wednesday, 6 March. Electronic voting will close at 8 pm on Friday, 15 March. Any electronic votes received after 8 pm on Friday, 15 March will be considered invalid. Those members who miss the cutoff time for electronic voting will still be allowed to vote in-person at the Annual General Meeting, or by sending a proxy to a member attending the meeting in person.

5. All votes, including in-person, by proxy, and electronically, will be tallied by tellers appointed at the Annual General Meeting, and the results will be announced at the Annual General Meeting as well as via email.

6. The Chair and the Vice Chair must be of different sex, according to the following, which is based on the proposed revision of the Democrats Abroad Denmark Bylaws Section 4.1, and which is in accordance with the Democrats Abroad Charter:

The Chair and Vice Chair shall be of different sex, as declared by each candidate to the Nominations Committee at the time of declaring candidacy for office. For the purposes of this Section, the term “sex” is defined as male, female, intersex, or any other classification of sex or gender that is legally recognized by any state or federal jurisdiction within the United States of America.

7. Candidates may run for only one position. The tallying of votes for Chair shall take precedence over the tallying of votes for the other positions. For the position of Vice Chair, members shall vote for a candidate of different sex than the candidate for whom they voted for Chair.

8. For the position of Member-at-Large, the candidates with the highest and second highest number of votes will be elected as the two Members-at-Large.

9. Proxies on paper or via email may be given to members who will be attending the Annual General Meeting in person, up to the time of the meeting. No member may carry more than two proxies alongside the member’s own vote. Proxies sent to the Secretary must be received via email not later than 8 pm on Friday, 15 March. Any proxies received by the Secretary after 8 pm on Friday, 15 March will not be accepted, yet may instead be sent to individual members attending the Annual General Meeting in person. More information about voting by proxy can be found in the existing Democrats Abroad Denmark Bylaws Section 12.8.

10. If there is a tie for an elected position, the Nominations Committee shall call an immediate, on-the-spot runoff election by secret ballot with the participation of those present at the Annual General Meeting.

11. Challenges to an election process may be made to the Nominations Committee prior to and no later than 7 days after the election. Challenges to an election result may be made to the Nominations Committee within 7 days after the election. Any challenges shall be adjudicated by the Nominations Committee in consultation with the Chair, who will consult with the Executive Committee.

Thank you for volunteering!

If you got to this page by clicking on the link in our email, you've been added to our list of potential volunteers. We'll send an email with more information about volunteering soon, but if you really want to get started, email us at or reply to any DA-Denmark mailing. We hope to see you soon!

2016-2017 Chair's Report

Following is the Chair's report submitted by outgoing Chair Michelle Taube at the DA-Denmark Annual General Meeting on Sunday, March 26, 2017:

I guess the Chair's report should run from AGM to AGM, but 2016 was exciting from early in the year. As I said at last year's meeting, we knew from the time the DIS students arrived in January that the year would be different. The students came in and all knew that they wanted to vote and our turnout in the Global Presidential Primary was higher than ever before!

To complete the work of the Global Primary, Tom Hale, David Miller and I flew to Berlin in May to attend the four-day Global Meeting and Convention. During the DA state party convention, we elected our delegates to the Democratic National Convention, including Bernie Sanders' brother Larry, who lives in the UK. (By the way, he is not the only relative of a famous person who lives abroad and is a DA member -- Al Franken's brother lives in France.) In the course of the Berlin meeting, we also elected DA's DNC members for the next four years and worked on our platform. While the DA platform deals with many issues, it's the issues that affect overseas citizens that are the most important for us to bring to the attention of the Party and lawmakers in the US. In fact, we were able to get one of our planks into the DNC platform before the Convention in July.

Back here in Denmark, our voter registration team worked hard to get everyone to request absentee ballots. We helped well over 300 voters in person to fill out ballot requests and ballots. In addition, we answered questions by email and on social media. This year, DA switched to online phone banking so anyone with a computer could make calls. I want to especially thank Michelle B. who not only made calls to voters in Denmark and around the world last year, but is continuing to call now to let voters know about the special elections coming up. If anyone else is interested in helping out, volunteers are always welcome.

I happened to be in the US in July and saw both the Republican and Democratic conventions in real time. Our convention managed to be positive while theirs was overwhelmingly negative. It's nice to see the Democratic Party moving back towards the promises of FDR's New Deal policies. Bernie obviously felt that these issues were important enough that he chose to run as a Democrat. And, clearly the voters are ready for more progressive values.

When we finally got to November, DADK was involved in two Election Night events. David helped the Social Democrats to arrange a party with speeches and bands at VEGA. And, DADK hosted its own viewing party at Schæffergården in Gentofte. Both of the events were very successful and the mood was good until we realized that the old, orange racist was actually going to win the Electoral College vote.

So, now as I prepare to step down as Chair, we have new challenges. Not only do we have to mend the rift in our party, but we have to join the resistance and fight the Trump administration. The resistance is already having an impact. The discontent among so many voters at the thought of losing their healthcare coverage helped lead to the failure of the AHCA (aka Repeal-and-Replace) just a couple of days ago!

Just to put my voter assistance volunteer hat on quickly once more, I want to remind everyone to send in a voter registration form this year. Yes, most of us are already registered and very few of us will have a special election to vote in this year, but it is good to let our election officials know that we want to remain registered. In addition, you never know when there might be a special election to vote in and the form is valid for an entire year.

Before I close, I just want to address an issue that has come up several times recently -- that is, how DADK fits into Danish society. The answer is DADK does not have an official relationship with the Danish government. Democrats Abroad is the Democratic state party for all Americans living overseas. DADK members can voice their opinions and work to change Danish society as private citizens, but as part of an American political party, DADK cannot try to influence local policies. Let me read the beginning of the DA Charter for the more official version:

Democrats Abroad Charter
Article One: Name; Purpose
Democrats Abroad, also known as the Democratic Party Committee Abroad ("DPCA"), is the organization that represents all United States citizens residing outside the United States who wish to adhere to the principles and further the aims of the Democratic Party of the United States of America. The organization is recognized by the Democratic National Committee ("DNC") as the equivalent of a U.S. State Party. Democrats Abroad is a non-profit association organized and operating under the Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act of 2000, D.C. Code §§ 29-971.01, et seq. Democrats Abroad's principal place of business is and will remain the District of Columbia.

For administrative purposes, Democrats Abroad is divided into Country Committees and Regions comprised of the members from within each such country and Region.

Membership in Democrats Abroad is open to all citizens of the United States of voting age (or who will be such before the next Federal election) who have declared themselves to be Democrats. Members of Democrats Abroad may also be members of a local Democratic Country Committee or organizing committee existing in the respective country or defined geographic area in which such member resides or works.

Neither Democrats Abroad nor any of its constituent units may participate in the political activities of any country other than the United States of America.

To conclude my final Chair's report, I want to say that I hope the level of engagement in DADK remains high and I'm looking forward to seeing the new ideas that the next DADK Executive Committee will bring to the table.

DA-Denmark Welcome

Photo by Nikolaj F. Rasmussen

Welcome to Democrats Abroad Denmark

Welcome to DA-Denmark, the home for American Democrats in Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. If you're an American living in Denmark or one of its territories, subscribe to the principles of the Democratic Party, and will be 18 years old by Election Day in November 2020, please join us by clicking the Join link at the bottom of this post.

If you have any questions, you're welcome to contact DADK's chairperson Kimberly Chopin at chair[AT]

There are no membership fees in DADK, so DADK relies on contributions from its members. If you would like to contribute to DADK (and you MUST be a US citizen to do so), here is the bank account information: Reg.: 9570, Account: 13006024

If you're in Copenhagen on the first Tuesday of the month, please join us from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm at our First Tuesday event. Check our events page to see where we are meeting. For those of you who are new to DADK, the First Tuesday events are informal social gatherings, a great opportunity to socialize, network, and discuss politics with your fellow Americans. Suggested (but not required) cash contributions of 50 kr. will be gladly accepted, but only from US citizens.

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