April 03, 2019

Chapter Elections and screening of "ANN" in Aix en Provence March 30th 2019

Last Saturday march 30,2019 the Aix MARSEILLE DAF chapter held their Elections in Aix en Provence!

The voting event was aligned with the screening of a Broadway play titled “ANN” at 5pm

Thanks to our members Jim Lovell and Karen Wildau we were able to all watch the brilliant actress HOLLAND TAYLOR http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holland_Taylor performing her incredible one woman show and tribute to the late and great ANN RICHARDS ex governor of Texas !

With Jim’s lovely opening speech remembering when he worked for her campaign, we all felt very connected to this performance !

All included we recolted 20 ballots online and 10 ballots in person !

Some people came just to vote and we are very touched by this gesture of appreciation !

PS Jim also sent a twitter tweet to Holland Taylor herself to tell her about our event !