Global Women's Caucus 2018 Summer Newsletter

Thank you for reading our DA Global Women’s Caucus Summer Newsletter.

We are all very excited about the work we have been doing since our last newsletter and the work yet to come, so here is our update.


We, as parents, children and human beings, are appalled and revolted by the current Administration’s policy. First it was the separation of children from their immigrant parents. Now he intends to incarcerate families together but indefinitely.  This is an abhorrent and a blatant violation of human rights. All of us in our Country Chapters and our Women’s Caucuses are organizing events to protest this inhuman policy. Please make your voices heard. And do check out the Democrats Abroad information on this issue.

NEXT: The Mid-Terms


We encourage all our members worldwide to form DA Women’s Caucuses in their countries and cities and plan events, particularly Get Out the Vote (GOTV) events. If you need help and ideas on how to do this, visit our GWC page.



If you believe you are already registered to vote, please verify that you are registered. Given the current situation with women’s rights and particularly the Supreme Court vacancy, it is imperative that everyone vote for Democrats. Make sure everyone you know at home and abroad is registered. Remember to vote in your primaries and in November!

Coming Up

We are in the process of planning interviews with women candidates for Congress and Governorships as part of our Women to Watch events and programs. We will also be featuring some of the great women running for office in some detailed profiles on our website and by future emails.

Need some inspiration? Check out this article by Meghan Feeks.


We created a great spreadsheet of our Democratic candidates in competitive races so we can all work together to flip districts and protect districts that may be in danger. It soon will be posted and will provide information about the candidates, where they stand on issues and how hard it may be to flip/protect the district. Even if you’re not in a competitive district, you can still help candidates in other districts by taking these "tiny actions".

In the interim, you can also get a general overview of Democratic primary candidates. So have a look and see how and where you can get involved! More generally, go to any of these sites if you want more information on candidates and elections:

2018 Election Calendar

2018 Primary Elections Deadlines - by State

Federal Voting Assistance Program

If you have any questions about registering to vote, any State elections, or about our DA GOTV efforts and want to find out what DA is doing and when, check with our GOTV Co-Chairs, Heidi Burch and Eileen Weinberg at [email protected]   

Please note that DA does not endorse candidates in the primaries. But if you are interested you can find out which women Emily’s List supports.

To get involved or send us your feedback, email us at [email protected]

What We Have Been Up To



For those of you who could not be with us in Tokyo for the Annual Global Meeting on May 26-28, we had a fabulous time eating sushi, learning from our training sessions on communications, planning events and finding encouraging volunteers and strategies to win. We also heard reports from the international officers (finance/budget, secretary, legal, vice chair and our Chair. And as a special surprise, we heard from top speakers from the United States:  Will Hailer, Special advisor to Tom Perez, the Chair of the Democrat National Committee, Ken Martin, Chair of the Association of State Democratic Committees and Michael Blake, a New York Assemblyman from the 79th district and a Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee.

We presented the Global Women’s Caucus in a picture filled presentation. Also, we debated charter amendments and resolutions. Get more details about the meeting.  You can also listen to the Webex recordings of the Tokyo Global meeting.

Our Book Club

Aside from Tokyo, one of our most successful news items is the creation of our GWC Book Club. Four times a year, GWC members from around the world will come together to discuss a feminist work of literature in meetings guided by the Books Abroad Committee: Brooke (Canada), Connie (France), Kelsey (Germany), and Sheila (France). Our book club strives to foster a fun, thoughtful, and inclusive environment in which to discuss a diverse selection of books and their connections to issues surrounding feminism, gender parity, and empowerment.

The first Books Abroad online meeting took place on June 10th. They discussed Alison Bechdel's graphic novel "Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic", which chronicles the coming of age of the American cartoonist author in rural Pennsylvania. It was a huge success. Our next book club meeting will be in October when we will discuss Rebecca Solnit’s latest work, “The Mother of all Questions.” Get your copy, start reading now, and stay tuned for email announcements to join us.

Have a wonderful summer and visit our Facebook page for news.

Yours in Resistance,

Salli & Ann

Co-Chairs, Global Women's Caucus

[email protected]