Political Framing: Building Bridges in Divided Communities

Join us to hear Dr. Dustie Spencer guide us through how to use the tool of “framing” to bridge Democratic messaging to a larger and often sceptical constituency of voters.  Dr. Spencer has pointed out that “Republican framing is very efficient, but framing an issue doesn’t need to be a lie.”   It can be highlighting a less important aspect of an issue, as Republicans do with citing “national security” as threatened by a more humane policy that offers a path to citizenship for undocumented workers.    

 Dr. Spencer teaches Global Studies as a visiting Assistant Professor at Pusan National University, South Korea.  She earned her PhD from the University of Edinburgh where her studies focused on transnational activism and social movements framing. 

 During her talk, Dr. Spencer will offer an overview of how frames work to impact our opinions and thus voting habits.  She will suggest ways that Democrats can effectively listen to the narratives of those around us and structure an effective response.  Dr. Spencer notes that listening to the grievances of our friends and families can help us identify which frames they are using.  Once their frames of reference are clear, we can use them to connect on their key issues so Democratic policies can resonate with them. Spencer cites human rights as an issue where campaigns in this field have become excellent at stressing the universal human rights of all humans as an important and critical frame to the success of global social movements today. 

 After Dr. Spencer’s presentation, there will be time for questions, so do email you questions in advance to [email protected]

January 22, 2022 at 11:00am - 12:30pm Eastern Time (US & Canada)
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