Why I Vote - Felipe Manteiga

As a 73-year-old immigrant, I have been captivated by America.  A great people extended a sorely-needed helping hand to me and many other Cuban immigrants. Crucial subsidies once provided me with ample opportunities to experience the American Dream and empowered me to a point where I could make a modest contribution in facing our nemesis: the Soviet Union and global communism. In doing so, and being nurtured by democratic ideals from my childhood, I was able to support democracy and freedom and oppose dictatorships from all politically extremist views. Equally important, I was able to actively collaborate in empowering those powerful dictators and corrupt institutions had disenfranchised.

And that is why I vote. Power that is not used is lost. And disenfranchisement, as insidious and toxic as it is, fills the vacuum. I have witnessed how the institutions shaping our nation since FDR have been dismantled in a brief time, with no concern for our children nor our future generations. Too many Americans have stayed home on Election Day and didn't vote, or perhaps voted out of despair. 

The likes of greedy corporate heads, corrupt casino moguls, vulture-like financiers, Big Agribusiness, Big Oil, and Big Pharma -- all play a role in tearing our nation apart. Sadly, thanks to this administration, the government would rather let Americans die for a buck more on their executives bonuses or their dividends... and the only thing remaining for certain is that they will continue to cause irreversible damage to our country until the next election.

We have seen that this type of drama has occurred before with dictators like Pinochet, Batista, Castro, Hitler, and Franco. We must all vote to stop their ideological successors from turning the "Land of the Free, Home of the Brave" into another dark chapter of humankind history. If we do not vote, and our loved ones die because of inaction from our government when they had the chance to help the American people, we have no choice but to blame ourselves. For this reason and many more, I vote!

Felipe Manteiga
DA-Dominican Republic

If you live outside the US, visit votefromabroad.org to request your ballot and commit to voting. Por favor, visite votefromabroad.org y registrese y vote. Muchisimas gracias. Thank you.