New membership targets for DA Sweden-Stockholm

Tonight the DA Sweden-Stockholm steering committee decided on a membership target for the rest of 2017. We will aim to add 500 new members to our list, an effective increase of 42% from today! 

Why do we want to increase our membership? Its important for us to grow so that we can help democrats living abroad to vote. This is our primary function as an organization. The more of us who vote, the more likely we are to WIN BACK CONGRESS IN 2018!!!

How are we going to grow? We have several strategies for growing, including organizing events where we think we can recruit Americans (see our July 4th event below), advertizing where Americans living in Stockholm can see us, and through membership drives like the one we'll be kicking off this fall.

How can you help? If everyone who is currently a member recruited only one more member, then we would double our membership. So please refer a friend or family member. Send 'em to!