June 12, 2023

Voting Now Open for DA Caribbean Islands' 2023-25 Ex Com!

DA Caribbean Island's (DA CAR IS') Nominations and Election Committee (NEC) is pleased to announce the opening of elections, June 12 - June 25th. Voting is via electronic ballot, with results announced at the Elections Meeting on June 26th, 4PM EDT at the start of the Annual General Meeting (see AGM section that follows). Meet the Candidates below.

Also on the ballot is the approval of DA CAR IS' amended bylaws that allow for the additional position of DPCA Voting Representative. ("DPCA" is DA's official name, "Democratic Party Committee Abroad.") Two additional Alternative Voting Representatives (each of a different gender) have also been added. You can check out the Revised Bylaws below




Deadline to vote is June 25, 11:59pm EDT

To vote, you must have been a verified member of DA by June 11, 2023


Contact the DA Caribbean Island's NEC for any questions concerning the election and voting. We look forward to the participation of our DA Caribbean Island members in the election of its new leadership team!

And we hope you will join us for the brief Elections Meeting followed immediately by DA CAR Is' 2023 Annual General Meeting and Cocktail Party. RSVP for both!


DA CAR I Nominations and Elections Committee

[email protected]

Hope Bradberry, Chair

Stephanie Gillespie, Balloting

Roz Reymers, Communications and Candidate Coordinator