Member at Large Democrats Abroad Lyon

I was born in The Hague, Holland, in 1954. My father was a diplomat and so we moved around quite a bit, living in Sicily, Switzerland, Spain, Mexico, Egypt, and Washington, DC. I studied Civil and Architectural engineering at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Moving around seems to be in my blood and as an adult I've additionally lived in Australia, Germany, and now France. My wife, Pascale, is a French citizen, and we have two daughters, ages 23 and 24. One lives in Montana, the other in Brussels. I speak German and French; my Spanish is very rusty. I am a self-employed software engineer specialized in computer aided design for engineering.

I have been interested in politics since high school, and when I turned 18 I voted in my first presidential election for George McGovern (he lost terribly); I have not missed an election since. I have written to my representatives and the presidents over the years about various issues I found important, but until this past election, I have not really been actively involved. The election of Donald Trump has changed that and now I feel the urgent need to fight against his destruction of American ideals. That is why I jumped at the opportunity to help form a Lyon chapter of Democrats Abroad.

I think it's especially important for us as overseas voters to voice our concerns as we see the world turning against US policies. Each of us is in some ways an ambassador, who on the one hand convey who we are as Americans to the foreign citizens of the country where we live, and on the other hand can provide insight back to our state-side citizens about how the world views us. By living abroad, we are also exposed to different systems of government and ways of doing things, and can help Americans see that, at in least some cases, there are better ways of doing things (health care comes to mind).

We overseas citizens are also concerned with unfair treatment is areas such as income taxes (especially burdensome for self-employed persons like me), Foreign Bank Account reporting requirements, and not being counted in the census. I would be happy to help in any way I can to get our message across.