Universal health-care in Spain takes care of me in my retirement #DAresists #Medicare4all

I have been living and working in Spain since 1964. There was a moment that I thought it was a temporary situation. Then I went back to the US with the thought of relocating there. After talking to friends and discovering what they were paying for health insurance, I changed my mind. Plus a horror story from my own family definitely changed my mind. A brother-in-law had a heart attack IN A HOSPITAL. He was later presented with a $40,000 bill that his insurance refused to pay and they cancelled his policy. This after years of paying $800 a month! Four years later and a court case, the hospital settled for $25,000. Something doesn't make sense. I am now retired and receiving wonderful medical attention cost-free. This does not mean that it is free. I paid into Social Security for years but am now enjoying the benefits of stress-free medical care that allows me to live comfortably on my pension without worries. So, wake up, America. Health-care should take care of you not bankrupt you.