March 05, 2017

Executive Committee Candidate Statements

Democrats Abroad Australia will elect its Executive Committee representatives at our national AGM on Saturday, 18 March in Sydney.  The level of interest in DAA leadership roles is unprecedented. We've never had so many people run for office before!  Thank you to our candidates!

Following are the candidate statements for those seeking election as Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Legal Counsel.  Candidates are listed alphabetically. 

You can vote either by registering to participate in the AGM on 18 March (either in person or through Webex) or via absentee ballot online. 

The following candidate statements open in in the Scribd application.  If you have trouble accessing them, you can read the candidate statements on the DAA website.

The duties of the roles at the national and international level are broadly outlined here.  The ExCom officers also provides support to the DA Australia local chapters.


Candidate:  Umme Sarah Hoque 
Candidate:  Michael Ramos  


Candidate:  Elizabeth Cage
Candidate:  Kent Getsinger
Candidate:  Evan Lorendo


Candidate: Kito Alvarez
Candidate: Shaun Mowrey


Candidate: Mark Evans


Candidate:  Lisa Lombardi