Democrats Abroad Australia (DAA) is the official country committee for US Democrats living in Australia. Membership is available only to US citizens. Joining Democrats Abroad does not cancel your registration with your home state.  Everyone still votes through their home state for the November election.

We currently have active chapters in NSW (Sydney), Victoria (Melbourne), ACT (Canberra), South Australia (Adelaide) and  Queensland (Brisbane).  Be sure to check out upcoming events in these cities!

Find out about how to vote from abroad and how you can help Get Out the Vote!

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    Join Democrats Abroad Australia in support for Universal Healthcare


    Universal Healthcare: a.k.a Guaranteed Healthcare, Medicare for All, Single-Payer

    No matter what you call it, the time is now for universal healthcare. Given the recent attacks on healthcare and threats of repeal towards ACA (“Obamacare”), Democrats need a firm stance to show support for those who need it most.

    The cost of healthcare in the United States is the biggest cause of poverty and financial and psychological strain on Americans - especially among minority communities and low income families. Many other countries ensure universal healthcare as a fundamental human right.

    Democrats Abroad Australia surveyed its members in 2017 and found that affordable and universal healthcare was by far the biggest priority. In Australia, and many other developed countries, everyone can rely on public and accessible without thought or concern of how it will affect them financially.

    You spoke and now it’s time for action.

    First: Show your support.

    Download the A4 selfie sign, fill out why you think universal healthcare is important, take a selfie. Share it on your social networks, make it your profile pic! Email it to us!

    Please use the hashtag #DA4UHC when sharing!

    Second: Tell your story.

    What unique experience have you have from living abroad that you could tell fellow Americans back home? What experience have you had from a country with free access to healthcare? How have you benefited? Are you a healthcare refugee? Could you be such in future? What would like to tell your lawmaker right now about healthcare? Your voice matters, and will only matter if you use it.

    We want to hear your story, please send it to: and then, please e-mail your Representative and Senator!

    Third: Spread the word, encourage others to join

    Democrats Abroad Australia will take this campaign to the 2018 DA AGM where we will pass a resolution for Democrats Abroad international in support of universal healthcare (aka Guaranteed Healthcare, Single-payer or Medicare4All). Although Democrats Abroad favors the position of single-payer, we will propose a clear and unequivocal support for true universal healthcare, with intent to take to DNC. The more members we have involved, the more successful this campaign will be!

    Your voice matters. Your story matters. Be part of the campaign “I Heart Universal Healthcare” and oppose the disastrous attacks on healthcare by joining us in this effort.

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    Lots happening in June!

    There’s quite a lot going on back home and we wanted to make sure you have all the info!

    Below you’ll find some information for GOTV for Special Elections and the Residency-Based Taxation Campaign.


    Special Elections - happening this month!

    If you haven’t heard of what is now a trend, the GOP is facing formidable challenges in States they thought locked up - namely Kansas and Montana where fellow Dems were very close to winning these deep red states.

    While this bodes well for us, we want to make sure you know all about what’s on for the immediate future. You can find a full list of the Special Elections in 2017 here.

    Specifically, up this month is:

    20 June - Georgia Special Election Runoff Democrat Jon Ossoff is running for the 6th Congressional District

    Please do refer to the full list of 2017 Special Elections to make sure you meet the voting Deadlines!


    Residency-Based Taxation Campaign - Call Storm on 15th June!

    Have a read through the main RBT Democrats Abroad post as contains information as to what the campaign is and why it matters to all citizens living abroad. Also see the Residency Based Taxation Campaign in a Box pdf for details. There is also a Facebook event here.

    Democrats Abroad is having an international Call Storm on 15th June - the tax deadline for international filers - where you can pick up the phone to your Representatives and Senators to ask for their support for Residency Based Taxation.

    Thursday 15 June is of course US time and inconvenient for us. That 9 to 5 day translates to 11:00pm Thursday, 15th June to 7:00am Friday, 16th June (AEST: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart time).

    If you can make any calls - late or early during the above times, Call Storms only work if a massive number of calls are generated, literally disrupting the day.  We need your help to storm Capitol Hill on June 15th.

    Look for an inexpensive or free calling utility and starting calling home today!


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    Upcoming Events

    Friday, February 23, 2018 at 05:00 PM · 4 rsvps
    Bar Spritz in Kangaroo Point, Australia

    Civic Engagement Happy Hour

    Calling all Americans in Brisbane!
    Join us for an informal happy hour where we'll be discussing civic engagement at home and abroad. 
    We'll be meeting at Bar Spritz in Kangaroo Point, so if you work or live in the area, come enjoy the beautiful views and meet and socialise with fellow Americans. 
    Tuesday, March 27, 2018 at 07:00 PM · 1 rsvp
    Patriots Sports Bar in Northbridge, Australia

    March Social Meet-Up

    Join us at 7pm on Tuesday, March 27th at Patriots Sports Bar, 209 William Street in Northbridge for this social gathering.

    Have a drink or dinner, meet other Democrats in our state, and discuss current events.