October 19, 2023

Become a Voter Assistance Volunteer

Democrats Abroad mobilizes the overseas vote by encouraging our members - and other Americans abroad - to register to vote and request a ballot using VoteFromAbroad.org. 

DA has a team of Voter Assistance volunteers, living right around the world, trained to work on a range of interconnecting functions that comprise our global Voter Assistance Program.  Here’s some basic information about the program to help you establish how you might like to participate.

Or jump right in!  Voter Assistance and other live Training Sessions are happening now! Click here for training to become a Voter Assistance Volunteer.


We phonebank our members to remind them of registration, ballot request and ballot return deadlines. We have a helpdesk where voters can bring their voting problems.  And we host Voter Assistance Zoom rooms where voters can receive one-on-one support.

CALLHUB – the DA global phone-banking system

Volunteers are trained to use our CallHub system to participate in “campaigns” to phone members living in particular time zones with information about voting. Volunteers read from scripts set up within the CallHub system. CallHub also presents the voter, dials their phone number, sends them a follow-up text and facilitates the recording of the outcome of the call.

In Australia we have PhoneBank Events, in which volunteers come together on a Zoom call, review the “campaigns” currently in the system, then go off to make calls in the CallHub system at the same time.  We then come back together to review how it all went.  

INTERCOM – the DA voter HelpDesk system

Members and other voters may message us via any number of ways asking for help with their voter registration or ballot or other.  Those inquiries come to the HelpDesk on a system called Intercom.  Volunteers trained on Intercom have logins for the Intercom system and answer questions coming to the HelpDesk.  

ZOOM ROOM Voter Assistance– one-on-one help for voters over Zoom

Trained Voter Assistance volunteers sign up for “shifts” in our Voter Assistance Zoom Room. Individual voters with voting issues are paired with a Voter Assistance volunteer in a Zoom Break Out Room and get one-on-one help to resolve their problems.


The Phone Bank Team provides training on the CallHub system.   CallHub campaigns will start early in 2024 and carry on through to Election Day.  Training sessions are happening now.

The HelpDesk Team provides training on the Intercom system.  Training sessions to volunteer as an Intercom HelpDesk operator will resume in early 2024.

The Global Voter Assistance Team provides training sessions that are mandatory for volunteers wanting to help voters on the HelpDesk or in the Zoom Rooms.  Voter Assistance Training is happening now!  Click here.

Volunteering will connect you with a global team of colleagues around the world who are great fun to work with.  For more information or to be connected with leaders working in parts of the program, please message us on [email protected].