February 06, 2024

Kitchen Table Talks - Have Your Say on the DA 2024 Platform


There was not a critical mass of DA Australia members interested in participating in Zoom Kitchen Table Talks this year.  (See below.)

Those interested in participating in Kitchen Table Talks where input into the Democrats Abroad 2024 Platform is generated and forwarded to the DA 2024 Platform drafters, are welcome to attend the KTT being hosted by the Asian American and Pacific Islander Caucus.  It takes place at a time convenient for Democrats in Australia.

Date:  Saturday, February 24, 2024

Time:  8.30pm AEST

RSVP: click here

Thank you for your interest in the Democrats Abroad Platform!



Every 4 years Democrats Abroad produces a Platform that presents the positions we take on a wide range of issues.  For reference, this is our 2020 Platform and this is our 2016 Platform.  In order to incorporate the views of DA members throughout the organization into our platform, DA country committees around the world host Kitchen Table Talks, at which issues are discussed and views are presented.  Feedback from those discussions are presented to the DA global platform committee by March 12. 

The Committee uses the feedback in the development of our platform.  The platform is presented, debated and voted upon at our 2024 Global Convention, which is happening this year in Costa Rica from May 31 to June 2.

2024 DA Australia Zoom Kitchen Table Talks

Democrats Abroad Australia will be holding online (Zoom) Kitchen Table Talk (KTT) discussions to facilitate the collection of member views and opinions on these topics:  

KTT Session 1:  Thursday Feb 15, 7pm

Topics - Climate and Environment, Immigration and Healthcare 

KTT Session 2:  Thursday Feb 22, 7pm

Topics - Equal Rights, Reproductive Rights and Democracy

KTT Session 3:  Thursday Feb 29, 7pm

Topics - Economy, Poverty and Taxation 

Discussions will be moderated by a DAA volunteer.  Volunteers with subject matter expertise will be invited to present on topics for discussion.  Please click here to send us an Expression of Interest in participating in one or more of these Kitchen Table Talks.  Deadline for Expressions of Interest is 5pm AEST on Wednesday February 7.