March 28, 2024

Your Voice Matters - Shape the 2024 DA Platform

At a time when democracy faces  unprecedented challenges, Democrats Abroad (DA) must reflect the  diverse voices and priorities of all its members. We invite  you to actively shape the 2024 Democrats Abroad Platform, which  embodies our shared aspirations, values, and  concerns.

Our dedicated teams are currently  drafting the 2024 Platform, with input from thousands of Democrats  Abroad members worldwide—individuals like you who are deeply committed  to addressing issues that matter to Americans at home and abroad. You can refer to our  2020  platform on our  website.

To deliver your views and positions, we ask that you take the 2024 Platform Survey

Your input will be invaluable in informing the second draft of the platform. To aid our drafting teams, we encourage you to provide specific ideas and specific proposals that face US citizens living at home and overseas.

Now is the time to ensure your voice is heard and  represented in our platform.  

We eagerly anticipate your  contributions!