March 23, 2024


Thanks to all who participated in the DA Australia elections to select a new national leadership team for this critical election year.  

Congratulations to these new DA Australia leaders who were elected at the DA Australia 2024 AGM on March 23, 2024:

DA Australia Chair - Jasper Lee (ACT)

DA Australia Vice Chair - Tara Hardiman (NSW)

DA Australia Secretary - Susan MacKenzie (Vic)

DA Australia DPCA Voting Reps - Elizabeth Cage (QLD) and Amy Saha (NSW)


The DA Australia Executive Committee now includes the following elected leaders:

Chair - Jasper Lee (ACT)

Vice Chair - Tara Hardiman (NSW)

Secretary - Susan MacKenzie (Vic)

Treasurer - Paul LaFreniere (NSW)

Voting Rep - Carmelan Polce (NSW)

Voting Rep - Michael Ramos (Vic)

Voting Rep - Kent Getsinger (Vic)

Voting Rep - Amy Saha (NSW)

Voting Rep - Elizabeth Cage (QLD)

Elected Chair NSW - Nate Woodget (NSW)

Immediate Past Chair - Justin Underwood (ACT)


Our leadership team also includes the following appointed individuals:

Queensland Local Chapter Coordinator - Nicholas Mostardo

NSW Local Chapter Officer - Rob Blank

DAA Facebook manager - Kate Eaton

DAA Twitter manager - Amy Saha

DAA Voter Assistance Officer - Wendy Gaylord

DAA Voter Assistance Officer - Brian Peck

DAA Chair Emeritus - Robert Talbot-Stern


We have other roles that we would love to fill urgently:

DA Australia Instagram manager - to post regularly about DA, DA Australia and Dem Party issues to the DAA Instragram account

DAA Victoria Local Chapter Coordinator - to host monthly member meet ups to discuss politics and voting assistance events

DAA Victoria FB manager - to post regularly about DA, DA Australia and Dem Party issues to the DAA Victoria FB page

DA Australia press officer - to speak to the media on behalf of DA and DA Australia

DA Australia media liaison - to coordinate media inquiries and arrange speakers to engage with the press.

DAA Rural & Regional Outreach Coordinator - to host virtual gatherings of members living outside major cities to discuss US politics, Dem Party issues and voting.

Please message us with interest about these roles or with questions or comments at [email protected]