September 29, 2016

Where's your ballot? Here are some answers!

Lots of people are starting to ask "Where's my ballot?”  Here some helpful answers from Democrats Abroad, to ensure that every ballot counts towards victories in the White House, Congress and beyond.

Requesting Your Ballot
If you have not yet requested your ballot (states are no longer required to automatically send ballots), you urgently need to do so via  Many states' deadlines to register are approaching in early October.  Find out your state's registration deadlines.

Have you checked your email for your ballot?
Ballots are either on their way or have started to arrive.  A number of states are now sending their ballots by email, so check your in box and spam folders!  Contact your local election officials to see if your ballot has been sent. 

FWABs are your best ballot friend
If you have not received your ballot by the 1st week of October, complete a Federal Write In Absentee Ballot (FWAB).  A FWAB is back-up, and in some states can also serve as a voter registration form.  If your regular absentee ballot arrives later, fill it out and send it back too.  Your FWAB will be counted only if your regular ballot doesn’t reach your local election officials by your state’s deadline.

Sending your ballot back
Sometimes it's due on Election Day, sometimes it has to be postmarked on Election Day. Sometimes you can return by fax, sometimes by mail. Know how and when to return your ballot to your state office

You can drop off your ballot request and ballot at the US Consulate for free.  Allow for 7 days to reach the States.  Allow for enough time at the Consulate to go through security.  **Maybe** FedEx will once again offer free service to send in absentee ballots. Watch this space.

Got questions?
Don’t reply this email.  Your local state election officials should be your first point of call.  Consult the VoteFromAbroad Help Desk for resources and to send in a question.  The following US Consulates also offer voter assistance:

Why is Washington DC calling me?
If you get a call from a 202 number, it's not the White House.  It's a friendly call from Democrats Abroad Australia about absentee ballot voting.  And you're welcome to make some calls to DA Australia members - our current campaign is contacting members voting in battleground states.