August 07, 2016

Help Get Out the American Vote in Australia

You can help make a difference this election by volunteering in one of the following ways: Phone Bank Team, the Voter Information Help Team, or as a Social Media Promoter!

1. Get Out the Vote Phone Bank Team

Make some calls to fellow members of Democrats Abroad Australia to remind them to Request, Receive and Return ballots any time between now and mid-October.  This year we're using an online system called CallHub to make the calls.

  • You'll need your own computer or laptop (CallHub doesn't work on tablets like iPads)
  • The computer makes the call for you and Democrats Abroad pays for the call.
  • You'll have a sample script to follow.
  • You are in control of your time: you can call as many members as you would like, at any time that’s convenient to you. Got a spare 15 minutes one day during lunch, a few free hours a couple of nights per week? Whatever works best for you!

Instructions to Sign Up for Phone Banking 
a. Log on to Democrats Abroad at (Only US citizens can be DA members  & volunteer)

b. Copy into your browser once you are logged on.

c. Select 'phone banking' (see below about the GOTV Help Desk Team)

d. Select the number of calls you think you can make in any given week of the GOTV campaign. 20 - 50 calls a week is actually about an hour's worth of time for democracy, because the calls are short and you'll get a fair number of voice malls and invalid phone numbers.

e. Sign the confidentiality agreement and submit!

f.  CallHub works best on the Google Chrome browser.  You can download it at

g. Activate your CallHub account by clicking the link in the email sent to you with your username.  (It may take up to 10 minutes for the email to be sent).  Be sure to note your username!

i. Bookmark

j. To start making calls, click on "Join Campaign".  Make sure your microphone is enabled and that you are using the Chrome browser.

k. Democrats Abroad is charged for each second you are within a campaign. Once you join a campaign, please keep calling! Be sure to click on “Leave Campaign” when you take a break or are done making calls. 

Here some resources to look over, before or after you sign up for CallHub!

a. Getting Started With CallHub Video
b. CallHub Overview
c.  Video with sample CallHub phone calls
c. CallHub Do's and Dont's

2. Get Out the Vote Voter Information Team

Be a part of the global team responding to emails sent into VoteFromAbroad and Democrats Abroad.  You'll get training to help direct voters to resources for all their answers.

Instructions to Sign Up for the Voter Info Help Team

a. Log on to Democrats Abroad at (Only US citizens can be DA members  & volunteer)

b. Copy into your browser once you are logged on.

c. Select 'voter information'

d. Select the estimate of your time commitment.

e.  More info will be sent to you by email shortly!  Sample Voter Information Resources

3. Be a Social Media Promoter

Post or tweet about, a great resource to request absentee ballots and voter information. Take a selfie of you sending in your ballot request or absentee ballot.  There's nothing like the positive pressure of social media!