2020 Press Kit: Our Delegation to the DNC

For those US citizens abroad paying close attention, one big question is, “How can I attend the Democratic National Convention?” 

We’re proud to welcome all eligible Democrats Abroad members to run for a delegate position to attend the convention and represent our constituents.

Delegates play an important role by representing Democrats Abroad at the convention, helping to select the Democratic party’s presidential nominee, and also help shape the Democratic party's platform and policies. 

In July 2020, Democrats Abroad delegates will join Democrats from across the country in nominating the next US President at the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

The Democrats Abroad Delegate Selection Plan determines how these delegates are selected, to ensure that we have a strong and diverse delegation that truly represents the millions of US citizens abroad.

Those who are not selected are also welcome to volunteer for the Democratic National Convention directly


Delegate Selection Plan highlights:

Delegate Numbers

  • 21 delegates and 1-5 alternates are sent to the convention from Democrats Abroad. 
      • 12 at-large delegates, elected during our regional and global conventions in Toronto, Canada, May 15-17, 2020:
        • 9  delegates elected at the regional level from the Americas;  Asia Pacific; and Europe, Middle East and Africa
        • 3 delegates representing Democrats Abroad at the global level
      • 1 pledged PLEO (Party Leader and Elected Official) delegate
        • Those eligible to run for this position include:
          • Democrats Abroad global and country leadership
          • Democrats Abroad past leadership
          • Other party leaders
      • 8 automatic delegates who are Democrats Abroad’s outgoing Democratic National Committee members, elected at the 2016 global convention.
      • 1-5 alternates elected at the global level. This number is based on the number of presidential candidates who receive at least 15% of the vote during the Global Presidential Primary.

Democrats Abroad works toward affirmative action goals to ensure that our delegation reflects our membership and ensures gender balance.

Democrats Abroad is holding virtual training for all Democrats Abroad members around the world to ensure they are well-informed about this process, beginning November 30.

Press Requests

In person, phone, or on-camera interviews are available upon request. Democrats Abroad leaders around the world possess a wealth of knowledge on key issues facing citizens abroad and the elections process. To reach any of these individuals, please visit democratsabroad.org and select your location under “Countries.”

For global enquiries, please contact [email protected]

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